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A collection of dumbasses for your amusement
Created By: WebMasterP
Version: 2.8.5

Category: Hardware

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Dumbass #141 - Submitted on 02-06-2003 by WebMasterP
I read about this lady who baked her mac laptop in her oven! For real! Check out the link for more info: http://homepage.mac.com/aaronsteele/Personal8.html

- Anonymous
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Dumbass #104 - Submitted on 02-07-2002 by PuR
Alright as my grandparents arent dumbasses they are just clueless, but someone at newegg.com is..

I just recently built a computer for my grandparents. A beutifully running system with an

Iwill kk266
1ghz Duron
384mbs of PC133 Sdram
56k Modem
Mid-Tower Case
54x Cd-Rom
Normal 8mb video card...

As they just wanted speed.. all they do is go on the internet or use word.

Initially I had intended to buy the Soyo K7VTA-PRO KT133A which is a PC133 board. Instead the retards at Newegg sent us the NEW Soyo K7V Dragon, one of the sickest boards on the market today. I thought I got the wrong ram or go the wrong board. But I checked and double checked and I ordered the right parts. So I being the nice grandson that I am realize that they sent the wrong board but I would graciously switch my Iwill board with theirs so they can have theirs up and running and know it works and is stable. So basically I praise the newegg newbie dumbass for sending the wrong, that was at the time $170, board to me, considering the other one was only $75. I got some Kingmax tiny BGA DDR333, fastest ddr at 5 nanosec's, and had to wait a week.

- newegg
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Dumbass #68 - Submitted on 02-02-2002 by biomods
I had a client telling me his hard drive wasn't recognised I ripped apart his whole case only to find out that it wasn't partitionned

- biomods
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Dumbass #37 - Submitted on 02-01-2002 by ness
i had two friends putting their own computers together and i get a phone call about BOTH OF THEM NOT WORKING!! so they both took their computers to one house and i went over... before i let them say anything i asked, "YOU GUYS DIDN'T USE THE MOTHERBOARD STAND-OFFS RIGHT?!" i received a "huh?" from both of them...the two dumbasses thought they just had an extra bag of screws...i then proceeded to flame them..

- frustratedness
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Dumbass #27 - Submitted on 02-01-2002 by HardMonkey
Another friend, who was building himself an Athlon 1.4GHz machine, thought that the mobo mounts were just not up to par, so he decided to put additional screws in the other holes on the case to provide that "extra support". Upon turning it on, he got nothing, so he asked to borrow my brother's cpu, and once again nothing. He took his system to a local shop to have them look into it and turns out he shorted out his mobo and the 2 processors. This is from a guy who is also a tech support for a major company and who doesn't consider his ATi 8500 a top end video card.

- Anonymous
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