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Dumbass #156 - Submitted on 03-14-2004 by Blue_MiSfit
My 8th grade final project ended up being a HyperStudio stack that was about the history of transistors. Now, it was really big, because I had thrown all kinds of images from the internet on it, and even included some sound files. I had made the whole thing on our old Mac IIVX (a 31mhz 386 class machine), and decided that I didnt want to use a half dozen floppies to transport the project to school.

So, I just copied it to my external SCSI hard drive, and brought it to school. I wanted to go through the project with my teacher - so she could give me any ideas about what more I could do with it. Regardless, I came early in the morning, and the teacher says "go ahead and set out your stuff and I will be right back". So I start hooking up my hard drive into the back of her Mac, and I am interrupted when she comes back with a "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" spouting out her mouth. Apparently she thought I was messing up her whole computer and that I could look inside her computer and see all her grades and her personal files and so on and so forth... Regardless, she was absolutely infuriated and demanded that I get a referral (which is the most serious disciplinary infraction at my old middle school).

To top it all off - she was convinced I had destroyed her computer by unhooking the cdrom because when she walked in on me and started screaming all holy hell, she ran to the machine and ripped out my hard drive, smashing her monitor cable and half disconnecting the monitor from the mac. Of course, she was horrified when she tried to start up her computer and got nothing on the display.

Nobody would listen to what I had to say. My parents were fully aware that I knew more about computers than any of the ridiculous teachers at this fucking worthless public school, but even after they calmly explained exactly what happened to the principal and that there was never, at any point any danger to the files on the machine's hard drive, he refused to listen, saying that I was a danger to the security of my teacher's data...

So I got a referral and didnt make honor roll my last quarter at that school. Sons of bitches...

I hate ignorant people.

- bad teacher
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Author Comment
03-18-2004 @ 02:24 PM
Oh shit man

I'd be furious! Like... god damn.
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