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Dumbass #62 - Submitted on 02-02-2002 by Ballistyx
Ahhh... customers from hell. Those of you who work in the service industry are going to love this one.

Back at the old Mom & Pop store, we used to have this really obnoxious customer who used to frequent the store with a friend of hers.

Mind you, she wasn't exactly STUPID, but she had quite a few bad things going for her:

1) She never wore deoderant.

2) She'd ALWAYS bring her kids in with her, and we'd end up playing babysitters for her.

3) She never brushed her teeth

4) She smoked more than a smoke stack at a New Jersey chemical plant

...and 5) She ALWAYS wanted to either hug or kiss me.

Other than that, she wasn't exactly a BAD person, just somebody you didn't want to hang around with for any extended amount of time.

Well... apparently she took a liking to me, and WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE. Whenever something went wrong with her computer, she would specifically request that *I* work on it, and she would stick around the store to make sure that only *I* worked on it (all the while hanging a few inches off of my back, wreaking like last year's garbage).

Well.. eventually I found a new job and the store had closed up shop. I thought that I was rid of this bitch forever.. oh how cruel God can be at times...

Three weeks ago, I was at Best Buy with a few friends of mine who were picking up some new DVD's. I just came along for the ride really, but since I was there I figured I'd check out the cell phones (since I was thinking about upgrading mine). When I got to the counter, I KNEW I recognized the person behind the counter, but I couldn't remember the face. She said the same thing to me too, that she remembered me from somewhere.

By the time I remembered exactly who she was, it was far too late! There are no words to describe the feelings of absolute terror I felt at that moment. First thing she did was leap over the counter and give me a hug... and then ask for my home phone number so she could call me with her computer problems.

PFFFTTHH!!! I told her a half-lie. I told her that I didn't have a phone (truth). The lie part is that I have a cell phone, but as I saw her I had conveniently stashed it in my pocket. A few minutes into the conversations I realized that it was a good thing too. She didn't actually work for Best Buy, but for AT&T Wireless and she was there picking up the new customer list for that week. Three guesses who my cell carrier is? If she had a clue that I was an AT&T wireless customer, I know for A FACT that (even though it's illegal for her to do this) she'd have looked up my customer record just so she could call me at her every whim.

I'm afraid.... oh so very afraid.....

- Anonymous
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