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Dumbass #64 - Submitted on 02-02-2002 by Ballistyx
After my stint as a helpdesk tech, I became a network admin (along with being a second level technician (as in, if the first guy can't help you, then it comes to me)). I could spend all day regurgitating some gems from this one, but I'll start with two for now.

Before we had a strict Internet policy, users would go pretty much anywhere they'd want to (as in :non-work releated sites" if you know what I mean).

Well, this one end user had managed to accumulate one heck of a pr0n collection on his private network drive (about 500MB's worth). Hey, normally we don't care what people do with the space, but since it isn't exactly work related, we deleted the files on him and being the nice guys we are, we didn't mention anything about it to his boss or Human Resources.

At any other company, his ass would have been thrown out on the street for pulling something like that, but we admins are pretty tolerant of that kinda stuff, so we figured that he'd get the hint. Heheh Some morons just don't get it I tell ya.

Either he was incredibly stupid, or he had Brass Balls the size of Alaska. Would you believe that he had the cajones to call the helpdesk, and submit a helpdesk ticket for a FILE RESTORE for all of that pr0n?!?! He kept insisting that his resume was in the directory that the pictures were in, and he absolutely NEEDED the whole directory restored. heheh yeah.... right.

Fast Forward a few months:

Helpdesk forwared me a ticket for a user by the name of "Nick". Well, Nick already had a reputation for being an obnoxious a$$hole, but I usually don't listen to that sort of stuff and try to build some rapport with the person anyway. Well, I found out first hand why he had that reputation.

What Nick the Prick was trying to do was access another user's Exchange mailbox without:

1) Logging into the network

2) Without providing any credentials to Exchange

3) .. and without getting the other user's permission (he said he had it, but I didn't beleive it for a second).

All the while, he was literally getting in my face INSISTING that before that day he was able to do it. PFFTTHH!! C'mon kids, say it along with me: BULLSHIT!

Since he had managed to mess up his Exchange settings pretty badly, I went ahead and fixed them. About his other request though.. I told him I'd get back to him and that I'd have to research it.

Getting back to my desk, I closed the helpdesk ticket with the following:

"User managed to completely scramble all of his Exchange settings. Uninstalled and Re-Installed Exchange client, and reconfigured client to access his mailbox and personal folders.

User was EXTREMELY uncooperative, and was blatently lying to my face to try and get me to circumvent network security.

His client is now fixed, but unfortunately there is no fixing this moron of an end-user, which is unfortunate as he should not be allowed to breed."

I left it at that and didn't think much of it. For the next two days I kept getting e-mails from the helpdesk with "YOU ARE THE KING!!!" What had happened is that the literally EVERYBODY on the helpdesk had read the call and were laughing their assess off, because I had the balls to put down on the call EXACTLY what they have been dying to do for this user. heheheh

To this day, whenever I pay a visit to the helpdesk, I get the "So... YOUR xxxxxxxx!". heheheh

- Anonymous
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