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"When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.'"
- Theodore Roosevelt

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A collection of dumbasses for your amusement
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Dumbass #89 - Submitted on 02-04-2002 by McNugget
Day 1:
Well, i get called into work one day because the boss's brand new Tax software keeps locking up his computer. I ask him whats been happening and he relates a story about how it locks up after about 4-5 minutes of inactivity, or at random times while being used.

So i tell him that there is probably very little i can do,as it is most probably a software glitch.
So he tells me how he called up the Tech support for the software.

Now, Tech support has always been accused of being a bit dumb, but this is possibly the most stupid thing i've heard.
Tech Support suggested that his computer had faulty hardware (a computer that runs flawlessly and has for 2 years) and that the best thing he can do to fix it is a "Defrag". Hahahaha.
I had to explain to him, that Defrag would have no affect on the stability of a piece of software, but to keep him happy, i set his machine to defrag anyway.

Day 2:
I turn up only to find that (surprise), the defrag dint fix the problem, so i proceded to re-install the software. After which i loaded it up and played around for ten minutes to see if it will crash.... Well, it didnt crash for me, but it did assoon as i left, so i come back inand ring up tech support myself.

Tech support always assumes that you are a dumbass otherwise you wouldnt be ringing them, so they try to baffle you with BS.So i relay the story to the chick on the other end with a north american accent. and all was goingfine until i called the BSOD a "blue screen with an error"(since i dont like to use jargonon the phone). Suddenly, the chick thought she was talking to a dumbass and proceded to tell me that it was the "blue screen error" that caused the software to lockup, that their software cannot cause a blue screen error because they are part of the computer system and "BLue Screen Errors" cannot occur because of a software fault. Straight away i knew this was the same person that the boss spoke to yesterday when he was told he needed to defrag. lol. Should i have told her that the software was causeing RAM addressig errors all the time? would she have know what i was talking about?
I didnt waste my time putting her in her place.... instead i asked to be put through to a technician,which she quickly managed to fob off.

Damn Tech support,all i want to know was the date of the next patch release...

- McNugget
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