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The WebMasterP Computer Saga
Page 2 - The Saga Continues...
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: August 25, 1999
Category: Information
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We purchased the computer, on the condition I would pay half. I was elated, It was one of the happiest days of my life. I worked at church for $20 a day, one day a week, watching the other children at the church. I slowly paid off my half ($800) over a two year period.

That's when the problems arose. I started to realize the my computer was becoming a piece of cow dung. I couldn't run any of the games my friends could on their computers. As game technology advanced, my 1MB of VRAM was still just barely making the cut, the problem was that I only had 8MB of EDO RAM. So I figured I'd save up and go get my self some RAM, it looked easy enough to install. I went and purchased 1 SIMM. I installed it, it didn't work. DUH, you have to install them in pairs (I read this in a computer upgrade article after I bought it). Ok, so we went back to Good Guys in Olympia, Washington and picked up another 16MB module. With 4 slots, two already filled with 4MB SIMMs, if you do the math I had, that's right 40MB! Woohoo! There was an immediate speed increase. Time wore on though and technology and programs required more and more.

FREE RAM!!!! That's right, it was free. How? Well, it's a long story but I basically stole it from my school. Well, it wasn't me, it was my older brother. Hey, I didn't care, they had enough RAM in that school to last them a life time =). So I replaced the two ancient 4MB SIMMs with two new, faster 8MB SIMMs, bringing me up to, you guessed it 48MB of RAM!

That was 21/2 years ago. Then right after, tragedy struck. My CD-ROM got all messed up, some one broke it (I never really figured out who, but it doesn't matter now). So, after like 2 months of taking apart the computer and dismantling the CD-ROM drive and "fixing" it, we admitted defeat.

Solution? www.ebay.com my dream come true. Well, I got on there and I found the fastest CD-ROM drive I could (hahah, that's what I thought!). It was described as a Smart 100X CD-ROM drive. It listed all these number and benchmarks which I just started blankly at and said, "Ah, it's a 100X who cares about all this stuff!"

I should have cared, when I finally got the drive (it was around $50 after shipping and handling) I found out that the "100X" was software enhanced! You had to have a 100MB cache set aside for it. I didn't have a 100MB free, or even 20MB! ARGH! I failed again. I forgot to mention earlier that is the most proprietary system in world! I had to rip off, and leave of the front cover of my case because the CD-ROM Drive wouldn't fit in right. My computer doesn't look so cool now. Also, about a year later I found a CD-ROM benchmark program (thanks to the Lockergnome E-zine) that my CD-ROM was a mere 8x, 92x slower than what I thought I purchased.

Well since then I stopped trying to upgrade the insides and started buy external stuff. I bought an Epson Stylus 740 (good printer), and a ScanMakerX6 (pretty good also). Both those are slowed significantly due to this computer. The printer has to reply back through the IEEE cable and has to pause a lot due to the "not so great" bus and CPU speed. I also got a cable modem. You're thinking, oh that's pretty good... I'm saying "WRONG",; the ISA and PCI ports on my computer only allow for a max of 14 Kbps. So my 60 Kbps cable modem is getting less that a quarter of it's possible speed. Also, I only got 14K/s on a good day!

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