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ATX Power Supply Retrofit
Page 2 - Gettin' Dirty
Author: DCFluX
Date: March 18, 2003
Category: Guide
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Let's begin:

First unplug and remove the power supply from your case and take the lid off. Unplug the electrical input to the main board and remove the main board from the chassis. Unscrew the 115/230 voltage selector switch. You can remove it completely but be sure to duplicate its function. You could also tape it and stash it somewhere inside the power supply or relocate it by cutting a hole for it on the front of the power supply case.

Before Modification
Before Modification
Top View
Top View

Remove the power input connector and on/off switch. Rewire connections to eliminate the switch. Remember to not cross polarize, meaning keep the neutral (white) with the neutral and hot (black) with the hot. Add white and black wires to the power input plug; this will be connected to the relay. You can score the wire from an old power cord. If you get a wire that was made in Europe, then brown(EUR) = black(US) and blue(EUR) = white(US).

The Guts
The Guts

Moving right along: sleeve your wires. You can follow the directions from Virtual-Hideout, but after finding out that removing pins from an ATX connector is a pain in the ass, I de-soldered all of the wires from the main board and taped the ends together and ran the sleeving backwards. Remember to melt the ends of the sleeving first, so they do not unravel. I found the barrel of my soldering iron works great for this. Then I put on 1-inch long pieces of the Radio Shack thick wall heat shrink, Un-taped the wires and re-soldered. Be sure to remember where all of the wires go! Write it down, yo!

You can cut all the holes yourself; but if you can't read the schematics, find some one who can.

The Electrical Schematic
The Electrical Schematic

Gather your power input socket, power output socket (monitor plug), and SPDT switch. Place them on the rear panel of the PSU and make outlines where you want your holes cut. Make sure you are clear of your computer case before you cut (you do not want metal shavings everywhere). On my PSU, from top to bottom, I have the Power Input, "Fan Speed" and Monitor Output.

Add some white and black wire to the monitor socket. Watch your polarity, most connectors will say which side is Live (Black) and Neutral (White). Now, connect a green wire (Ground) to the bottom post, this will be connected to chassis ground.

Cutting The Holes
Cutting The Holes
Outside Holes
Outside Holes
Inside Holes
Inside Holes

Cut holes into the front of the power supply case, these will be for the relay socket, Aux power plug, and the "Force On" DPDT switch. Place the grommet into the hole for the Aux power plug, then cut the end off of one of the monitor pigtails and check to see if it will fit inside the grommet.

Put in the Plugs
Put in the Plugs
and Switch
and Switch

Once you have the holes cut, you can put in your plugs and switches, etc.

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Wrapping it up

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