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ATX Power Supply Retrofit
Page 3 - Wrapping it up
Author: DCFluX
Date: March 18, 2003
Category: Guide
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Add yellow and black wire to the relay socket pins for the coil. Then place a 1N4001 diode across the "Coil" pins, This will keep the collapse voltage out of the +12 bus. Be sure to watch the polarity of the diode. The side with the band closest should go to the yellow wire (+12); if this is backwards it will short out the supply. Connect the ends of these wires to the +12 bus and ground of the power supply main board, +12 is usually yellow and is mostly directed to the floppy connectors. Ground is black on the same plugs. Solder to the underside of the board, or you could splice to the other wires, but that's cheesy.

Bottom of the PCB
Bottom of the PCB

Next, if you bought an LED fan, replace the old one. Cut the ground wire on your fan, this is usually black or blue, leave enough room so that you can connect the fan's ground to the center of the SPST switch and connect the other end of the wire to one of the sides of the switch. Using a red wire, connect the +5 bus of the power supply (usually red) to the other side of the switch. You can follow the schematic and add the 0.1uF capacitor across the fan; this reduces spikes and electrical noise from your fan.

Install the main board back into the power supply chassis. Cut to length the wires from the power input connector to the "wiper" contacts of the relay socket. Connect the Aux power plug to the "normally open" contacts of the relay socket. Add wires from the relay socket to the "force on" switch, between the "wiper" and "normally open" contacts; remember to watch polarity and to place heat shrink on the wires before soldering. Solder it up and shrink the tubing over the connections.

Finished Insides
Finished Insides

Connect all of the green wires from the Aux and monitor sockets to chassis ground. Put the thing back together and smoke test it.

Outside Finished
Outside Finished
Inside Finished
Inside Finished

The "Force On" switch allows you to run your pump without the rest of your computer running and the "Fan Speed" switch will change the fan voltage between 12 volts and 7 volts.

Overall this project takes 3 hours from start to Chernobyl, a six-pack of Coke, and 10 dremel cut off wheels. Happy hours testin'. If you have any questions, direct them to: dcflux@citlink.net.

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