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BX Chipset Cooling w/ Celeron HSF
Page 2 - Finishing It All Up
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: April 05, 2000
Category: Guide
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Now, you should lay the motherboard out on a couple static bags or a card board box. I set mine down in the box it came in. Take the prepared Celeron Heatsink and smack it on there. Now here comes the point where you get to make some decisions. You need to either add extra support because this is your LAN Party Box or leave it alone if your computer won't move for the next 6 months. If you plan to use this as a LAN box, get some double sided tape (doesn't have to be thermal) and stick the HSF to some near by resistors. I've been using mine for a month or two now and I haven't had any problems doing this. If you don't have any nearby resistors or something to stick it too you could try to rubber band it something close. Use some ingenuity.

Here's what I Taped Them To
Finished Product minus Tape
Different Angle
Here's a Different Angle

Now, this didn't get my clock speed to 606 MHz (up from 594 MHz) but it did make me feel better knowing my BX chipset is real cool. I didn't expect it to and you shouldn't, but I feel that it makes my system cooler (a little at least) and stabler (just a little here too). I don't have any results as I had no temp probes to attach to the BX Chipset. But, it's obvious that it is getting far superior cooling because of three reasons: A) Active cooling as opposed to passive (it uses a fan), B) The sheer mass of the Celeron HSF obviously will have a positive effect on the cooling C) The new Celeron HSF actually has a good way to transfer heat. The green chipset cooler didn't have thermal paste or anything.

Now you might be thinking, why don't I just buy one of those video card coolers and slap it on here. Well, this is a poor mans fix and it looks really cool. I also hate to have parts just lying around so I try to put everything to use. This will cost you, at most, $2.50 plus shipping for the tape (unless you go out and buy a Celeron HSF).

Well, if you plan on doing this good luck to you. If you fry your stuff, it's not my fault. This is some damn good cooling for your chipset next to pumping freon on to it.

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