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ABIT KT7-RAID, One Year Later
Page 2 - Conclusions
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: October 28, 2001
Category: Information
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You might be wondering what the purpose of this article is, just for me to whine? No. I am not the only one with this problem. In fact, Systemlogic.net has posted a similar article about ABIT's poor QA program, here.

Another question you might be wondering, why didn't I return the motherboard? Well, I thought it was my fault. I thought I was to blame, pure and simple. Then I started looking around the net to see if anyone else was experiencing my anguish. There are quite a few pieces of information on the internet about this problem. I find this kind of interesting, because I never did hear about an uproar over this.

Please, email me if you have a similar problem or better yet, go post about it in the Xtreme Tek Forums that way people can offer people assistance if they know of a work around to some of these problems.

Finally, I am pledging to not take this article down. I will consider it when the following conditions have been met: 1) ABIT takes steps to make sure something like this doesn't happen again and 2) ABIT takes some measure to compensate the people who have suffered because of their horrible Quality Assurance program. Since these two conditions probably won't be met, you can count on this article being here for a while.

For now I will be awaiting my new motherboard. But you can be assured this time if there is even a slight problem with my motherboard, it is getting sent back this time. Just like the faulty KT7A I had to send back from my previous job because it was bad.

I like ABIT for their overclocking features and their speed. However, this past year with this motherboard has caused me many headaches. When a motherboard is to blame for lockups, lack of video playback because of lockups (that includes DVD), and USB failures I don't tend to give the motherboard manufacturer a second chance. However, this is ABIT and I will give them one last chance. If my KG7-R is faulty I can guarantee you I will never buy another ABIT product again.


So far 150+ people have emailed me and had the exact or similar problem I've had. One of the people who has emailed me has told me that the latest BIOS flash solved his problems. I do have the latest BIOS, but it has not solved my problems. So, maybe one of you unfortunate people who have an ABIT KT7(-RAID) will have some luck with a new BIOS flash. Good luck and remember, you're definitely not alone.

I would also like to address the fact that people have said that I have not proven that it is the motherboard. Well, I do agree, I did not prove in writing this article that it was the motherboards fault. It has become a "given" in my household that it is a faulty motherboard, so I do appologize for not proving it. But 150+ emails about problems with their ABIT motherboards isn't a lie, especially since a large portion of these emails are from professional IT staff and small resellers!

Emails from people with ABIT Motherboard Problems: 150+

Also, farmboy has created a thread in the Xtreme Forums for people to share ideas about his and any of your problems, here is the link: KT7 Hardware Help Thread

Further Updates:

Well, I have received a very interesting email from yet another person. A reader sent me this pic of ABIT's not-so-high-quality quality assurance program.

Someone's Sick Day?
Someone's Sick Day?


A lot of you are emailing me and suggesting I put in a new power supply. Well, first off, I have a 450W Enermax PSU. Secondly, it really isn't something any of the people sending me these emails are doing wrong. These are faulty motherboards, I promise you that (some work fine, I'm just referring to the large quantity that are faulty).

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