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GeForce2 MX Overclocking Guide
Page 3 - OC Performance
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: October 25, 2000
Category: Guide
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I decided against any core overclocking until I reached my maximum memory clock. I have several different speeds on the graph. 175/166 means 175 Mhz Core clock and 166 Memory clock, which is the speed the card came clocked at. 175/183 is the speed you'll get a retail card clocked to. 175/183 is the max of the slider bar in the nVidia control panel, to get more performance, I had to move onto Power Strip. 175/228 is the max I could get the memory too. 210/228 is the maximum core and memory clock. Anything after that gives me some very interesting pixel distortions that are always nice to look at when you're tripping out on "sub-legal substances."

So, that's my accomplishment, 228 Mhz Memory with some heatsinks and a 120mm fan blowing right on them. 166 Mhz to 228 is a 62 Mhz increase. That's more than most people can overclock legacy Cyrix chips with peltiers. =) For you statistic buffs, that's a 37% speed increase in memory and a 20% increase in core speed.

All test were run with the Detonator 6.1.8 drivers from nVidia.

During the testing I was concentrating on 1152x864. It was kind of my goal to get that resolution playable. I think I did that. I went from 45.3 to 61.6. That is a 16.3 frame per second increase, pretty nice if you ask me. On to some synthetic stuff.

I don't think I really need to say anything about that graph. Ok, "higher is better." But that is all I'm saying.

Bottom line, I basically made 2 resolutions playable (1024x768 and 1152x864) for $10. That is only two hours of work, even if you work at McDonald's! The graphs speak for themselves, I really don't need to say much. I'll keep it short and sweet. You get yourself an OEM Hercules GeForce2 MX for about $110 (possibly less now), some $10 heat sinks, tack on some shipping charges and you're running around $130. So, for $130 you're rocking at High Quality Quake 3 at some high resolutions. Sure, your processor might not be as good as mine, but even with a 600 MHz system you're still going to get some pretty good numbers.

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