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Diablo II Preview
Page 1 - Find out all the inside info on the new, most talked about game: Diablo II
Author: Justin Podhola (GamePhreak)
Date: August 26, 1999
Category: Software
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Diablo II Preview

This artcle is one of the most informative, best articles you'll ever need to read to get you started into the Diablo II world. Blizzard Entertainment has lot's of goodies in store for us, and I know alot of them, but I don't want to spoil everything and all the suprises, so I will tell alot of things that are main factors in the change of Diablo II. Enjoy!

Get out with the old, bring in the new..
Diablo II is currently being developed by Blizzard North, the same people who made the original Diablo. They decided to start the whole game from scratch, not one letter of code was from the Original game! This means that the whole adventure should prove to be different. Here are some examples: new tile sets, new monsters, new weapons, new story line (Duh), and new characters (referring to townsman and townswomen). There will also be many more spells, 30 for each class (5 classes: Amazon, Paladin, Sorceress, Necromancer, and Barbarian.), 150 all together. More classes, much better game play, and much more realistic people, creatures, and dungeons makes for one hell of a game. For example, if you killed a "bad guy" in Diablo II and it was a bat or some other type of creature that could not hold a weapon, you couldn't get a sword or a shield from them, unlike in the original Diablo, when you killed a bat, a sword would pop up on the ground, as if the bat was holding a sword. In Diablo II if you see a creature with a sword or shield, and you kill it, you will get the same sword he used if it pops up onto the ground, sort of like "The Butcher" on Diablo in single player, when you killed him, you got his cleaver, which he was using as a weapon.

Also a cool, new feature in Diablo II that I found interesting was that every time you change your helmet, armor, weapon etc. You're outlook impression will be different, meaning that they're isn't just 3 different looks of the armor/body. [1. Light (rags, scraps) 2. Medium (some metal, armor) 3. Heavy armor (thick looking plated armor) (this is based on the warrior in Diablo I] So it would be fairly difficult to look the same as somebody else. In turn, giving you you're own style and look, which I think is very unique.

There is also one more much needed feature to make towns more real, people are, you guessed it, "walking around!" instead of the old standing method in the first Diablo, which I thought was pathetic myself, heh, sometimes I would wonder to myself, "How long can they stand there before they collapse?" Well, Anyway, this feature is wonderful because now instead of making sure to talk to the bar tavern guy (Odin), for quest information or anything else people run up to you and give you quest information or other needed things throughout the game.

PK, PK, PK.. I'm sick of it, can't you guys do something about it?
PK, it is horrid to know that you're partner is a hacker and is hunting you down to kill you, take all your gold, and if he kills you he'll sit there and resurrect you then kill you in 1 shot over and over, so if you start back into the town, the hacker will take all of your EQ, so you are stuck sitting there, letting him laugh at you and pleasure his psychopath ways. There is nothing more meaner than that, him pretending you be co-operative, then kill you when you least expected it. So, blizzard's Bill Roper says, "That even though there are PK's, we still want to have our players alert and playing strategically, we want our players to think things like, wow I better get out of the way of the crazy mage, he's throwing fireballs like crazy." So the solution? Well he says that they thought about a special room for dueling, but then he admits that cheating is most of the problem of player killing, so I guess that were in for a surprise.

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