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Page 1 - Looks like it's EverGlide's turn to imitate, what did they do better?
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: January 23, 2000
Category: Hardware
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Reviewing mouse pads is becoming very common, though previously it was almost unheard of on any sites. Ever since Everglide released the first Large Attack Pad (LAP) the mouse pad industry took off. Now, HardOCP is in the business whipping out Ratpadz left and right.

Speaking of Ratpadz, that is what I assume to be the reason behind EverGlide's release of the Giganta. HardOCP (company which is Ratpadz) made a large version of the LAP and has been giving EverGlide a run for their money ever since. So, if this is a clone, why review it? Well, I'll tell you why, just keep reading.

Standard Mouse w/ Pad Picture
Standard Mouse w/ Pad Picture
Pentium 100 Action
Now For Some P100 Action

The main reason for reviewing the clone (Giganta) of the clone (Ratpadz) of the Original (LAP) is that the Giganta has some improvements to offer over the Ratpad. It also has some minor faults to deal with too. Because the Ratpad is the only real competition to the Giganta, I'll compare the two directly, just as I would if I was reviewing a video card (comparison would be made).

The particular pad I am reviewing is the "special edition" blue Giganta ($21.95) and costs more than the regular black Giganta ($18.95). The Ratpad is $18.95 so price is no issue here, especially for the optical mouse users who are going to want the black Giganta anyway. The only way the Giganta is going to cost you more is if you choose the "stylish" pad over the standard black one. But, if you get the HardOCP logo Ratpad it'll run you a buck more than the standard pad ($19.95). So, it's pretty black and white, the more decoration you get, the more you pay, period!

A little LAP and GIGANTA comparison
A little LAP and GIGANTA comparison
Size Comparison
Ratpadz vs Giganta, I can't see it!

You could say that Ratpadz have more room towards the edges and you would be right. But, the chances you'll get way out to the top corners are equivalent to me winning a Nobel prize, not impossible, but close. As for shape, this is pretty much a user's choice here. Do you move your hand a lot or do you just swivel your wrist? I swivel my wrist. That just means I'll be using the Giganta and not the Ratpad. Fortunately, you can still move your whole arm on the Giganta with out any restriction. Pretty much a draw here, maybe a little lean towards the Giganta.

GIGANTA's stick pads
A little LAP and GIGANTA comparison
Ratpad Stickies
Ratpadz vs Giganta, I can't see it!

Both pads are fully functional (of course) and have the same texture. I am just going to talk about the "sticky pads" that hold the pads on the desk. As you can see from above, the Ratpadz are equipped with 3 more sticky pads, 8 all together. Does this hold the pad better? For all practical purposes, no. EverGlide placed its pads in exactly the right places, meaning that it doesn't slide unless you pick it up. I'd say it takes about 50+ lbs. of pressure to even budge the pads. For functionality I'll have to lean slightly towards the Ratpad for making sure it's not going anywhere. But, it's not getting a huge boost. The sticky pads don't serve any practical purpose.

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