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Klipsch ProMedia V.2-400 Speakers
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Author: Ian Clifton (Gordaen)
Date: May 12, 2000
Category: Audio
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Klipsch ProMedia V.2-400 Speakers

I had always wanted some good computer speakers. Years ago I was stuck with pathetic Packard Bell side mounted monitor speakers. They were decent for the simple sounds of DOS and Windows, but not for gaming or music. Later I got a new computer with some desktop speakers. They were a whole 12 watts together. Needless to say, they didn't sound good.

A few months ago I heard of the Klipsch Pro Medias and quickly sought all the information I could find. I talked to several people who had them, and they all seemed satisfied. No more waiting, I'm getting some good speakers I decided. Unfortunately Klipsch did not keep these a secret, and they were on back order, big time. I added myself to the list and became preoccupied with building my newest computer.

A month passed and I had almost forgotten about the speakers when I received an e-mail saying limited quantities were available for 48 hours. Click, double-click, click, click, I was ordering.

A few days later I eagerly awaited the UPS man (who has been my best friend lately with all the packages I get). After he delivered it, I tore into the box and whipped these puppies out. Right away I liked the high-quality look and feel to them. Dark black with beautiful Klipsch logos on the front of each of these satellites (all four) as well as the subwoofer box.

Quick Specifications:
Frequencies: 29Hz to 20KHz
Volume: Up to 110dB
Wattage: Four 60watt satellites (.75" tweeter and 3" midrange), one 160 watt dual side-firing subwoofer (6.5").
Thumpage: Excellent!

Very stylish they were, but how good would they sound?

Since there are four satellites, (obviously) there are 4 channels. Luckily, I had a Vortex2 SuperQuad Digital (but the ProMedias can connect to 2 channel cards with a Y-adapter). Two of the satellites are set up right by my 19" monitor with the subwoofer below my desk. I bought a glass shelf at the local rip-off hardware store and put it above my door frame which is behind me (for the other two satellites). Doh! Should have measured first, not enough room for the two speakers, luckily the stands on the satellites can be removed with a standard philips screwdriver. I did that, and they BARELY fit.

A Single Please
Here I Am!
Behind Me
The Glass Mount

After hooking them up (very easy), I set up my soundcard for four channels and added some volume to the back speakers since they are further from me (this can also be done to some extent by using the "surround" knob on the main satellite). I tried a few songs which are generally high and midrange, and they sounded great, exquisitely clear. It was like my old speakers were hooked to records and the Klipsch's were hooked to CDs. Okay, you don't buy a setup that has a dual side-firing sub for high pitch music, so I tried a few songs with bass.

Thump, thump, went the sub woofer! A lot better kick than I thought the 6.5" subs could do and definitely clear. Even Maria Maria by Santana was thumping especially with the bass way up (satellite has a knob for bass output with "10 o'clock" being normal so you can adjust for high pitch songs and low pitch as well... just in case you don't like Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water with bass).

Make Ya Boom Boom Boom!
Boom, Boom
Down on the Floor
Down on the Floor
This Klipsch User was WOWed
The Klipsch's Effect

Figuring that most people don't just use their computer as a stereo (or just to have fun), I played a bit of TFC (Team Fortress Classic, for those of you with your head in a hole).

Ack! I had left my bass WAY up and exiting the re-spawn room made the door slam shut and THUMP, LOL! After turning the bass down a little I tested my ability to tell which direction sound was coming from by timing EMP's (a type of grenade in TFC) and chuckin' them around corners where I heard people. It worked pretty damn well, but since my back two satellites are too far away it's hard to tell if something is back and left or back and right. Oh well, I was still kicking ass and I got my record high conc'ing with a medic (287/18 on 2morfort). Okay, the speakers had little to do with that other than making the VOX voice sound better ;)

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