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MPFit MP3 CD Player
Page 1 - Hours of music on one CD, to go!
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: April 21, 2001
Category: Audio
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MPFit MP3 CD Player

MP3's have been popular for a while, long enough for me not to remember (ok, it could have been an hour ago and I wouldn't remember). I remember when the first Diamond Rió came out and the small controversy that came from it. Now there are shelves full of portable MP3 players. Well, what we have for you today, is an affordable MP3 solution that does not use flash memory. It uses a very cheap and high capacity ROM, a CD. :)

An MPFit MP3 CD Player can be had pretty cheaply ($109 + shipping) from EasyBuy2000. While not the cheapest thing known to man, definitely not a rip off compared to other mp3 CD playing units.

The box is not going to win an award anytime soon. However, the contents were well protected and were delivered to me in working condition. The box included the following:

- The MPFit MP3 Player
- Ear-Bud style Ear Phones
- 4.5V AC Adaptor
- A Remote Control (connected by wire)
- A Belt Clip and a Flat Clip
- A Small Instuction Book

The Box
The Box
What's Inside
What's Inside

My first thought was that this thing was rather bulky. However, despite its bulk, it was fairly light weight. The unit's construction actually feels kind of "cheap." However, it has stood up to all my anti-skip drop tests (hehe). On the brighter side of things, the MPFit has a rather cool and futuristic look to it. I also found it kind of weird that the battery compartment was on the inside of the player, meaning you have to open the disk compartment to put the batteries in.

Close Up
Close Up
The Remote
The Remote

Well onto the features, according to the instruction manual. I listed the ones in the manual because the ones on the web site said it might be able to play CD-RWs, and it surely can't. In fact, it was the first thing I tried it and it did not work.

- Plays burned CD's as well as regular CD's
- Handy Remote Control
- Digital LCD Function Display
- 500 sec. Recording Capacity (for memos or reminders)
- Displays titles of songs

Now that I have introduced the product and told you my initial thoughts, let me move on to how the product actually performed, after all, that is the important part.

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How It Performed

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