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frontx CPX100 Multimedia Ports
Page 1 - Relocate your hard to reach ports
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: May 03, 2001
Category: Hardware
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frontx CPX100 Multimedia Ports

Lets face it, a majority of the technology invented in the history of man was to make things easier. That way, people like me, can be exceptionally lazy, and still make it appear that we do a lot. The frontx CPX100 Multimedia Ports are no exception to this pattern. They make the simple task of plugging your head phones into the back of your computer even easier.

Now comes the time that I list what the company says their product does, aka the feature lists. I list these so while you're reading the review, you can have in the back of your mind a list of what the product is supposed to do. Due to the fact that frontx does not have a feature list posted, I searched their site and stipped it of all the promises and marketing slogans I could find. Here is the list:

» Perfect For Home PC
» Easy Installation
» Easily Upgradable
» Nifty Flipping Door
» Supports 4 Speakers

I realize that's not a long list, but I didn't feel like copy and pasting the whole frontx web site on my site. That is just plain tacky. Anyway, the package it comes in is basically a large foam "envelope" sealed in plastic with a label. Cheap? Yes. Efficient? Very. My package arrived in perfect condition.

The Packaging
The Packaging
Close Up
Close Up

What is in the package? Well, lots of stuff actually. The package includes earphone, microphone, audio-in, and game/midi ports. Also, it contains frontx casing, a metal plate, 4 pieces of M3 screw and installation manual. There are pictures below to show you what I am talking about.

Included Wires
Included Wires
Bay and PCI Covers
Bay and PCI Covers

Installation is not too hard. In fact, it is pretty easy, except on the case I installed the frontx on. As you will soon see on the next page, we have a nicely painted Superpower Zephyr KS-201XP. This case is normally a pleasure to work with, but getting the frontx to screw in properly in the bay area was a real pain! The screw holes did not match up, they were about a quarter inch higher than the should have been. After about 15 minutes of struggling I finally stuck a small screw driver up in the screw hole and then pushed up on the screw driver, it bent the braces and then the holes lined up perfectly.

I'm sure this is a problem one would only have with the KS-201XP or other Superpower cases with a similar "shelf" setup. Fairly easily remedied, and it doesn't damage the case any, so I think all is well.

Setting up the PCI cover and the putting the wires through the small slot was fairly easy. For me, it was just a matter of keeping the wires straight. Once you've done that, you plug in the wires and you're good to go. Well, where does this leave us? What ports do we lose? how much of a wire mess is going on? Answers will come grasshopper, but you must proceed to the next page.

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