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Lenten Reborn Card
Page 1 - System and Data Recovery Card
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: October 21, 2001
Category: Hardware
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Lenten Reborn Card

The Reborn Card is not for everyone, I know many things fit in this category, but this product has a very specific market. The Reborn Card is intended for business and organizations that manage things such as internet cafes, computing labs, libraries, or anywhere there is a need to manage a large amount of similar computers.

So, what does a Reborn Card do? Well, it actually does one thing, if you put it broadly. It recovers PC's from damage of many kinds. The Reborn Card offers companies and organizations the ability to protect their computers' setups from malicious and unknowingly dangerous users. It can recover a computer from Formatting, Viruses, and much more. Also, with the updated drivers I recieved from Lenten, you can use these cards to control all the computers on your network.

The Reborn Cards
The Reborn Cards

The idea: Lenten's award winning card is designed to assist in mass computer management and virus/dataloss incidents. And from what I've seen so far, it works good. I went through a series of tests with the card and while the tests were only on two computers, they appeared as if they would easily scale to many more computers.

Installed in Comp1
Installed in Comp1
Installed in Comp2
Installed in Comp2

Well, installation was fairly easy. The worst part is that you have to format all partitions other than your C: partitions and it's recommended that you format all. Once you get that done, well, the cards work pretty good.

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