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BackUp MyPC
Page 1 - Stomp Inc.'s PC Data Protection Software
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 20, 2002
Category: Software
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BackUp MyPC

I had never heard of Stomp Inc. until they emailed me the other day and told me about a product they had, BackUp MyPC. I figured I would give the product a try, because there is no real harm in trying out backup software.

Going into this review, I set a couple of stipulations for what would make good backup software. Well, first it had to be more of than program just pick some files and then burn them onto a CD. There is plenty of CD burning software already on the market. Secondly, it should be very easy to use because the people who use backup software are generally not to computer savvy (yes, some are, that's why I said generally).

Alright, now you know what I expected of the software, let me tell you a little about it what it claims to do. The BackUp MyPC web site says this:
"A powerful yet easy to use data protection and disaster recovery solution for a single computer or peer to peer network. Peer-to-peer data protection support and scheduling ensure comprehensive protection. Create unattended backups with an advanced scheduling system. Extensive device support assures hardware compatibility for a wide range of devices. Backup MyPC backs up to Recordable CD/DVD, Tape, Zip, Jazz, and other removable media drives and employs disc spanning and data compression which typically can double your media capacity for significant savings. Itís perfect for the first time user or professional."
While I'm not trying to "spoil" the rest of the review, but I must say that the product does all of what it says. The only problem I have with this description of the product is that the compression on was not enough to halve the size of my full back up (I'll explain later).

Since the back of the box clearly states that it will work on PCs and Laptops, I decided to use BackUp MyPC on my Dell Latitude C810. Here are the basic specs:

Pentium III (mobile) 1.13GHz
512 MB PC133
20 GB HDD - 4200 RPM - ATA-5
nVidia GeForce2 Go - 16MB
Fixed Internal 24X CD-ROM
Module 8-8-8-24X SWDVD/CDRW Combo Drive
WindowsXP Professional

Looking at the above specifications you can see that I used the DVD/CDRW Combo Drive for my data backup. Keep in mind that it only writes at 8x. So, when I report how long it took to burn something, you can adjust the time mentally for how long it should take you.

The Box Shot
The Box Shot
What's Inside
What's Inside

The BackUp MyPC box is not the most exciting packaging in the world, but it gets the job done. What is really impressive is the manual. The manual is very well written and packed full of very useful and easy to understand information. I should call it a book. It is basically a 134 page book on how to use BackUp MyPC in every situation possible.

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