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Grand Theft Auto 2
Page 1 - Rants and Raves about GTA2
Author: Mike de Libero (Slugo)
Date: October 23, 1999
Category: Software
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Grand Theft Auto 2

Alright, I'm going to talk about the sequel to what I felt was one of the most entertaining games out on the market. If you disagree, read about it anyway. If you didn't play the first GTA, I feel sorry for you. Like the original, GTA2 is a top down game, in which you steal cars, run over people, and do jobs for mob boss, you know, the usual. The only thing the original lacked is some good graphics. But you could run it on any system, so there was a plus. Well lets stop this BS and get down to the review!!!

This review is based on the demo, due to the fact that a lack of funds kept me buying the full version. Once all the regular install stuff was done I sat down and was ready to play. The first thing I noticed was that it uses Direct3D which suggested, that there might be some good graphics this time. Then I popped it into 1024x768 and started playing. Well you start out by the phones, as usual and in a few seconds weapons pop up, none of those stupid boxes which you have to destroy. I decided to skip the phones and get into the fun stuff, stealing cars, killing people you know what I mean :).

One new thing I noticed right off the get-go was that the people were shooting at me, I thought that was plus (added some realism). Oh yeah, I shot them back, duh! I figured I should grab a car, so I did. I found some positives and negatives in this area. The cars are more futuristic looking, which is good. They were sleeker and longer, but they are a lot slower than in the original GTA, not cool. Hopefully, in the full version there are faster cars.

oops did I run over someone
They didn't need this.
Look Ma on I'm on top of the world!!!!
Look Ma, I'm on top of the world!!

There isn't much to say. It is basically the same as the first GTA, but instead of a mob henchman, you are a dirty cop, wow they sure made a big change in the story. The lack of fast cars is a shame, maybe since it is just a demo they don't have fast cars. Even the cop cars didn't seem that fast. If you are going to steal a car you want it to be fast right? The graphics were good, I thought, they were some of the better I've seen for top down games.

Final Comments
This game, besides the lack of fast cars, is really awesome and when I save up some jack I will go buy it. I'm hoping the full version will have even more fun stuff. I mentioned earlier that people shoot at you without being provoked. Aside from that, the cop cars ram you, and people will actually run you over, watch out it hurts :). Yes, there are some small down falls, but kick-a$$ stuff that makes up for it. I'd have to recommend that you buy it.

Final Score

4 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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