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Page 1 - OS Optimization Software From LIUtilities
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: March 27, 2003
Category: Software
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Until now I have usually strayed away from 'PC speed up' software. This is generally because it appears rather hokey and useless. Now, I will delve into the world that is SpeedUpMyPC. I have reviewed plenty of software from LIUtilities before; this gives me some early hope that SpeedUpMyPC will not be cheesy software.

Infamous Box Shot
Infamous Box Shot
Think Inside The Box
Think Inside The Box

First up, as always, is installation. To decide if one can install SpeedUpMyPC, one should know the system requirements.

System Requirements
Operating Systems Windows 98, 2000, XP
Free Disk Space 10 MB
CPU Pentium 400 MHz (or equivalent)

To install the software, you put in the CD, let the auto run software do its voodoo, click the yes button in the install dialog, press yes and next a couple more times, and, voila, you done! Now you just open up the software. Unlike previous LIUtilities products, this one will require a registration code. Once you have taken care of the previous few steps, you should be good to go.

The instruction manual is printed in color and covers the main categories of the software. The instruction manual is short but very verbose. It seems to be (wisely) targeted toward your 'average Joe' who does not know much about the interiworkings of his PC. Overall, it is well written and should be adequate for the average user.

Upon immediate inspection of the software, one will notice there are six main categories of functionality: Overview, CPU, Memory, Internet, Startup, and Anti-Crash. Also, much improved from previous LIUtilities software titles is the graphic user interface (GUI). The GUI is far more 'sleek', stylish and, in some areas, easier to use when compared to previous software tested.

Overview Window
Overview Window

The main section of SpeedUpMyPC is the 'Overview' area. It has information on total physical memory (and percentage used), page file, CPU type, CPU frequency, network connection, etc. displayed. It also has some 'Recommend Actions' which remain until you take those actions. This section mainly serves as a 'welcome' area and provides little functionality.

CPU Usage, etc.
CPU Usage, etc.

While the CPU section does not offer that much advanced functionality, solid basics are still there and can be very helpful. First off, it provides a CPU usage graphs in the times scales of one minute and one hour. It has options to assign more CPU resources to a certain task and/or the opposite. You can also set it to manage Windows system functions when CPU usage exceeds a specified percentage (settable with a slider on the usage graph or by typing in a number). None of these features are power user oriented. This does not discourage me, however, because this is all the average user would need. If a user wanted more CPU/task based control, something like WinTasks 4 Professional would be a more appropriate product.

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