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Dynatron DC1206BM-O CPU Cooler
Page 1 - Introduction
Author: Philip Lam (Phirewerkz)
Date: May 05, 2003
Category: Cooling
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Dynatron DC1206BM-O CPU Cooler

As of today, computers are being pushed to the fullest capacity. CPUs, video cards and other peripherals are being overclocked to increase their speed and efficiency. However, in order to keep these items cooled during strenuous activities, heatsinks have been specially designed to overcome this problem.

If anything needs good cooling, it would be an overclocked CPU. When CPUs are overclocked, they get very hot and may affect the computer’s stability. Even the standard fans on generic computers are usually not powerful enough to cool.

Several companies have come to the rescue. Thermaltake, Thermalright and Coolermaster are just some of the companies that have developed several innovative heatsink designs to increase heat dissipation. Furthermore, they have modified fans to move a substantial amount of air, while maintaining a low decibel reading.

Recently, a new line of products from Dynatron has been introduced to North American markets. Founded in Taiwan in 1991, Dynatron delivers Heat Pipes, CPU coolers and UV radiant fans. Dynatron, however, has been most famous for its Micro-fin Technology, which utilizes the ultra thin fins on a heatsink for better heat dissipation. Today I will be looking at the DC1206BM-O CPU Cooler, which uses their Micro-fin Technology.

Here are the specifications for the DC1206BM-O CPU Cooler:

Dynatron CD1206BM-O
CPU Application AMD: K7 (Socket A/462) - up to XP 2700+
Intel: FC-PGA (Socket 370) - 933 MHz and 1/1.26GHz, 1.4GHz
Overall Dimensions 65 x 63 x 57.1mm
Thermal Resistance AMD: 0.44°C/W; Intel: 0.54°C/W
Overall Weight 435g
Rated Current 0.4A
Rated Power 4.8V
Operation Temperatures -10°C to +65°C
Heatsink Material Copper: C1020
Heatsink Dimensions 60 x 60 x 29mm
Number of Fins 60
Thickness/Fin 0.35mm
Fan Dimensions 60 x 60 x 25mm
Speed 6800 RPM
Bearing 2x ball
Rated Voltage 12V
Air Flow 37.61 CFM
Noise Level 46.5 dB
Air Pressue 0.33 inch - H20

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