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Really Big Retro Fit Kit
Page 1 - 80mm Fan Modification for the FEP on a BP6! Dual 80's baby!
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: January 11, 2000
Category: Cooling
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Really Big Retro Fit Kit

I saw this kit while shopping for additional cooling at my favorite store, 2CoolTek. Why are they my favorite? Cool stuff for hardly any dough. Speaking of money, that's the main reason they sell the kit. 2CoolTek saw this done else where and decided that they could offer all the parts in a kit for real cheap, and that he does!

If we break it down, it works out pretty good.
   $8.50 - 80mm 3-pin Sunon Fan
   $3.00 - 80mm Fan Grill
+ $2.50(about) - (4)Tall Screws, (4)Black Screws, (4)Washers

Being that the kit is only $10.00, you're saving $4 and the time it would take to get all the parts and screws individually. If you're using these on a BP6, you're saving $8 because you'll have to buy 2 kits.

Ok, now let me get into the good stuff. How does thing kit perform? Let me show you.

2CoolTek's Picture
2CoolTek's Picture
My Computer
My Two 80mm Blow Holes

I put my CPUs through a battery of test and they stood their ground well with both cooling setups. While the 60mm Y.S. Tech fans that came with my FEP heatsinks are pretty powerful for their size, the can only move so much air at 60mm in diameter. With 20 extra millimeters in diameter you get 8.8 cubic feet per minute more. That may not sound like a lot, but only test and results can tell.

My Box with Regular FEP Setup
My Box w/ Regular FEP Setup

A Completed Unit

Ok, now to the tests. Test can only show how well the units work. For the temperature I used motherboard monitor. The ability BP6 has both CPU monitors and a system monitor built in. The only problem is that the second CPU temperature is way off base. This is a fairly well known problem and cannot be relied on as results, but CPU 1 results will be reliable.

The test system is the one you viewed above. It includes 2 80mm Evercool Fans (31 CFM?), one for exhaust and one intake. Also, I have a Nidec Gamma 28 Blower (10 CFM) right where my video card is blowing out the back of my computer. Last, and probably least, I have an old 486 strapped on my Voodoo3 3000 blowing directly on it.

ATX Super Case (Mini Tower)
Abit BP6 (newest flash that won't hose your system)
(2) Celeron 366 (week 35)
(2) 64 MB Corsair PC-133 SDRAM DIMMs
Quantum CR 12 GB HD (5400 RPM, ATA 66)
Asus 50x Max CD-ROM Drive
Voodoo 3 3000 AGP
D-Link 530TX (NIC)
Sound Blaster Live! Value

Why did I list all that stuff? I did because I wanted to show you everything that is producing heat or blocking air flow in my box.

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