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Diablo II Preview
Page 2 - Conclusion
Author: Justin Podhola (GamePhreak)
Date: August 26, 1999
Category: Software
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The Mistakes that should have been corrected the 1st time!
Don't you love rings? They are one of the most exciting items for me to get after killing a enemy, but the problem is, it takes me like 5 minutes to find the damn thing. Well, blizzard has fixed that little problem, just by pressing the Alt key once. What this does is highlights all the items, armor, weapons etc. so you can easily pick them up. This little fixin' could prove to be very valuable when you're deep in the dungeons of the game. They also made another fixin' that was needed last game. This was the bow and "arrow" problem, the fact that the rogue had an unlimited supply arrows was both unrealistic and unfair, so they fixed that problem also, which made a lot of "non-bow users" happier =).

Hack Free Battle.net Server?!?
Is there a hack free Battle.net soon to come? Three letters say it all, Y E S. This is one of the greatest things possible that blizzard has done to make their servers better. I talked to some of my friends and asked them this question, "Why don't you play Diablo on Battle.net?" Well, you might have already guessed it, hacking and PK. Well one of those problems is about to be fixed, I will explain in detail how. First thing off, Blizzard bought new hardware, new software, and hired a staff off programmers to make the hack free battle.net and hired "expert" hackers to go at any cost to hack into the battle.net server which the programmers are making. To help them do this, they have made "Client-Servers." If you don't know what this is I will explain now. Having Client-Servers means that blizzard will do the bulk of the information processing and storage for multiplayer games, sort of similar to the way other online games prevent hacking. The reson why this will stop hacking, is because during the last online Diablo I game, which blizzard to much "trust" into the computers peer-to-peer gaming style, this means that when you hit someone, the person you hit's computer will have to believe that, I hit you with my bow for 6 damage. This is an easy target for hackers, just taking the items, and increasing the damage. So when a non-legit player hits you, your computer has to believe that, someone else hit you for 5000 damage, then the damage is taken off your life, and then you're dead. Ok, now that I explained that, here's what no hacking on battle.net means:

1. You have to earn EVERYTHING you get.
2. You can't PK so easily and so fast, so you have time to get out.
3. Your gold is valuable now, you need it most of the time.
4. Online gaming will get a whole lot more fun when Diablo II comes out.
5. You now know that dueling is hack-free.

So now you can worry about dying by monters instead of players.

Clan Happy
Thousands of people have requested Battle.net to include clans as more of a part of the game, so they did, simple as that. Now that they have, I'll explain to you what they did. Blizzard made it so clans can have their own clan hall. Here you can chat with other clan members, trade, drop items in donation, anything that you can really think of for a clan hall. The other nice thing is that you can have your own clan icon, and whenever a listed member of your clan logs on, it automatically places the icon next to his name. You get to choose your clans three letter prefix, clan colors, all that jazz. Now, the catch is, you make a clan at a certain point during the single player game. You get a chance to sign up, I don't know when or where, but you do, I'm also not sure if it costs gold or not, and for now that's all I got for the, "Clan Happy" people =)

When will this, "hell of a game" come out?
For those of you that don't know when Diablo II will come out, the release date of it should be around Mid-Fall in 1999 and will cost and avergae$49.99. So you better stash up a lil' money for this early on.

Will I come back with another report about this?
Well I might, but if I do, it will be because I will have had a first hand experience of the game. So, I can be more informative and have screen shots and the works. Hopefully this will be before the game is officially released!


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