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Nidec Gamma 32
Page 2 - Setup/Wiring
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 12, 2000
Category: Cooling
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To get these to work in a computer, we have to set these up to work in a four pin setup. Which is why I have that pick of the 4 Pin Y-Adapter, as on page one. Here is what you'll need.

  • (2) Nidec Gamma 32
  • 4 Pin Y-Adapter
  • Electrical Tape
  • (8+) Butt Connectors (optional you can use the Tape if you want)
  • Double Sided Tape (Automotive/Industrial Grade!)
  • An Extra Electrical Wire - 1' to 2' in length
Tools you will need:

  • Jig Saw w/ Blade for Metal Cutting
  • Dremel or Drill for Starting Pilot hole (use to smooth edges too)
  • Wire Strippers (Optional, you can use your teeth)
  • Wire Snippers (usually on Wire Strippers)
  • Pencil

9-Pin to useable format conversion:
First we need to find and understand the wires of use.
The Red Lead is the positive power lead for the Gamma and should be attached to a +12V DC source capable of supplying the required current. The +12V DC source would be the Red Lead on a power supply connector. Because I don't want to permanently modify my case power sources and because I want two Gamma 32s setup, I'll modify the 4-Pin Y-adapter.

The Black Lead is the negative power lead for the blower and goes to the ground connection associated with the power source. Thus, we hook it up to the black wire on the Y-Adapter.

You would think that might be it to make it run, and it is, but to make it run at HIGH SPEEDS, you need the Brown Lead. Based on the laws of physics dealing with electricity, this lead will be grounded out to increase the amount of energy passing through the Gamma 32. I would explain this, but it would be a mini-physics lesson and you really don't need to know. All you need to know is that you need to ground the Brown Lead to your case.

The other wires do some advanced features, but I didn't feel the need to use these, so I just severed them and left them alone. These additional features had nothing to do with fan output, otherwise I would have jumped all over them.

Step 1: Cut the Red Wires and the Black Wires on both ends of the Y-Adapter and the Gamma 32. Make sure you cut it at the longest length possible, in order to give you more installation leeway later.
Cut the Brown Lead on both Gammas and ignore them for now. Strip the plastic shielding around all wires you just cut, exposing 1/2 an inch of wire.

Step 2: Connect the Red Wire on one Gamma to one end of the Y-Adapter using butt connectors or electrical tape. Do not connect both fans to one side. Repeat the same step to the other side for the other Gamma 32. The middle connector on the Y-Adapter is the one you will connect in the end. Then connect the Black Wires to each other on the Y-Adapter in a similar fashion. Make sure you don't connect the Brown Lead like I did in the picture below on the right. If you do, you won't have enough wire length to ground it out or space the Gamma 32s in the case.

One More To Go
Both Gammas Connected
Both Gammas Connected

Step 3: Cut 4 inches off the spare electrical wire. Now to connect the brown grounding wire, connect one of the Gamma 32 to the spare electrical wire piece you just cut off. Then connect the unconnected end of the 4" piece to the other Gamma and to the rest of the wire (this is where connector would be good).

Brown Lead Wiring
Brown Lead Wiring

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