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Page 4 - Gamma Setup
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 12, 2000
Category: Cooling
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Step 8: Now that you have all the metal shavings out of your computer, put everything back in to your case. Turn it on and make sure everything works before you setup the blowers. If there is a problem these can get in the way.

Step 9: I set one blower on the bottom of my case blowing through my cards and, of course, the one blowing out of the blow hole. As some cases position the motherboard further from the bottom of the case than others, you might have to elevate it or make some kind of ducting. In fact, I wish I would have elevated my intake fan about 1/2 inch because I think my sound card is getting more cooling than my video card. I would take it off, but remember I said industrial grade 2x sided tape? See pictures below for details. Just place a strip of double sided tape along the long, skinny, flat area on the bottom of the gamma and place it on the bottom of the case (unless you're elevating). The blower intake hole should be facing you. Place tape on the same area of the other Gamma 32. Attach it to the side like you did the other one, it's just that now you have to worry about being vertical. So, in addition to placing tape along the edge of the blower (same side as blow hole in this case), place some along the exhaust hole. If you have wide tape, use a razor blade to cut it down the middle, so that you have skinnier pieces. Stick these long, narrow pieces to the front face of the exhaust area and bend the remainder to outside. This will make the front faces and outer edges of the exhaust side really sticky.

The Insides
The Insides
The Exterior
The Exterior

Step 10: Place Electrical or masking tape where ever you feel could use some more strength. Use electrical tape to remove wires in the path of air flow. Place electrical tape like the picture above ("The Exterior"). This covers up the double sided tape placed all around the edge of the blow hole, makes it look better, and adds extra hold. Ground out the Brown Lead as shown in both pictures above. Simply wire it along the bottom of the case and bend it sideways so that it is touching the metal of the case. Then tape it in place with the electrical tape. If you want to test the speed differences with and without grounding, turn on your computer with the Brown Lead not grounded and the Gammas plugged in. Hold the back of your hand to the blow hole, feel the amount of air it is moving, and then, leaving your hand in place, use your other hand to touch the Brown Lead lead to the case. You should be able to hear and feel the difference.

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