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Diablo II Initial Impressions
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Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: April 12, 2000
Category: Software
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Game play can get a little rough over battle.net, even with a cable modem. I'm not sure how well it plays single player because I have not played it single player.

I'm going to start off the game play section of this preview by going over the improvements Diablo II has over the original. My favorite improvement and the one I notice right off the bat is the fact that you can now run! That means it won't take ten minutes to get acrossed the map. However, the maps are slightly bigger and you can run out of energy. When you are out of energy then you'll have to walk until your energy meter is full or until you have at least a little energy.

In the original Diablo you were only allowed four people into a single game. With Diablo II, they raised the number of people to eight. Eight seems to be Blizzard's new standard as they allow eight in StarCraft [Brood War], WarCraft II Battle.net Edition, and now Diablo II.

The inventory, quest, character, etc. menus are essentially the same just with better graphics. There is a little arrow button on the status/life/mana bar on the bottom. This button pops up a little menu and offers features like a message log and the ability to team up with players. Oh, and just for kicks, I thought I would throw in that that town portals look a lot cooler this time around.
My Populated Inventory
My Populated Inventory
This Compressed Pic Does No Justice
Picture Does No Justice

Blizzard has added midway points. It's basically like a place where you can go to, step into the square (then the torch lights), and when you go to any other one of those squares in the game, you can warp right to the squares you have already visited. Get it? It's like a save point.

Blue Balls of Fire
Blue Balls of Fire
Another Look the Menus
Another Look at the Menus

If you look at the "Another Look at the Menus" picture above you'll notice that when you move your mouse over an item it explains it for you. For instance, above, I moved my cursor over my Defense Rating (86) and it shows that the average chance a monster will hit me is 24%. Pretty cool if you ask me. It will tell you your average chance to hit monsters too!

Shop 'till You Drop
Shop 'till You Drop
I Made Wirt's Leg Unique
I Made Wirt's Leg Unique!

The shops have also been improved too. None of those text based stores anymore. It's all graphical and works so much more efficently than before. At the store, both you and the shop keeper open up your inventories to buy, sell, and repair items (depending on which store you're at).

Attacking and killing monsters is pretty much the same as in the original Diablo. However, with the implementation of Direct3D (D3D) you can watch some pretty cool special character deaths.

My Paladin Killed Her
My Paladin Killed Her
So Did My Barbarian
So Did My Barbarian

In the above pictures, I have both my Paladin and Barbarian killing Blood Raven, as part of a quest. The whole death cannot be shown here but it's really cool. You will have to wait until the open beta is released before you can accurately experience the game.

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