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Chrome Orb vs GlobalWin FOP32-1
Page 2 - Installation and Performance
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: October 12, 2000
Category: Cooling
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I've installed many heatsinks in my day and to be honest with you, these were the hardest heatsinks I have ever installed. Granted, the FOP32-1 was hard to clip on there and I endured a small amount pain. On the other hand, the Chrome Orb was even harder to install and as I was installing it, horror stories of people crushing their cores flashed through my mind. Once the coolers were in place, they were very secure and I'm under the firm belief that when I finally got the Orb back off it was a small miracle.

Note: The capacitors next to the socket have to be bend outward (away from the processor) when you install the Chrome Orb on a KT7. It is not really that big of a deal, just be careful that you do not break them off. This doesn't apply to the FOP32-1, as it will go on without having to bend anything.

So, is all the hell worth it? Both coolers allowed me to boot into Windows 2000 and Windows 98. However, the while the Chrome Orb was in use, Windows 2000 would perform memory dumps every once in a while (after 5 to 6 hours of computer use) and restart the computer. The Global Win Cooler fixed this problem. Here is the official results:

Room Temperature for all tests was 72º F (about 22.5 Cº)

3º Celsius is a pretty substantial difference. It is enough to keep my system from being stable when using the Chrome Orb.

Just so you know, both heatsinks came with a square piece of thermal tape stuck to the bottom. I removed the tape completely and then applied the heatsinks using Arctic Silver thermal paste. I did this to demonstrate the cooling abilities of the heatsinks and fans without the tape acting as a bottleneck.

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