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Belkin OmniCube 2-Port KVM Switch
Page 2 - How It Performs
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: November 21, 2000
Category: Hardware
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So, there are no real benchmarks I can run on a KVM switch. What I can tell you about is how OmniCube works compared to what I've seen. What I have to report is that it works and it works well.

When I initially setup the KVM switch one PC was dual booting Windows 2000 and Windows ME while the other was dual booting Windows 2000 and Windows 98 SE. Never once did the switch fail to change over to each system and it changed over rapidly every time. Then I proceeded to format the Windows 98 SE PC because I wanted to test for compatibility. So after deleting all the partitions and formatting everything, I installed Linux (Mandrake 7.1 Helium GLP Edition) on the Dual Celeron machine. It went through setup just fine and I haven't had a problem switching in and out of Linux yet.

The Box

What's Inside

So, it switches fine. The KVM does a damn good job of sharing my 17" CTX Trinitron monitor, Logitech MouseMan Wheel, and my Logitech Deluxe 104 Key Keyboard. I've identified that it works and it works great, which brings me back to my original reason for buying a KVM switch; I want to save money and desktop space.

To demonstrate how much money you'll save, I'll do a little "add and subtract" for you. (All prices below are the lowest prices found on pricewatch.com for each item without shipping included.)
Without Cube

+ $246 (CTX PR711 Monitor)
+ $15 (MouseMan Wheel)
+ $12 (Deluxe 104 Keyboard)
With Cube

+ $91 (OmniCube)
+ $30 (10ft KVM Cables)
+ $30 (10ft KVM Cables)

$273 - $151 = $122
All in all, you're saving well over $100 and that's not including the tremendous shipping for the monitor (~$25). The desktop space it saves is great and the conveniences of not having to move from monitor to monitor is also very handy.

Messy Setup

Now comes the time when I wrap it all up. The product performed as expected. It switched faster than I thought it would, so it actually exceeded my expectations. Never once did I have a problem with losing the mouse or keyboard between OSes and the monitor never went out of whack. The convienence of the switch alone is worth far more that $91. So, noting the price performance ratio, I'm going to go ahead and give the Belkin OmniCube 2-Port KVM switch a score of ...

Final Score Editor's Choice

4.5 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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