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MPFit MP3 CD Player
Page 2 - How It Performed
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: April 21, 2001
Category: Audio
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Well I can start off by saying that the MPFit worked, it plays MP3's and regular CD's. It just won't read off of CD-RW's. However, it plays MP3s with some conditions.

The instruction guide makes a note that you can play songs that are compressed at a bit rate of 192 KBs and below, but not higher. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all songs compressed at that rate to sound correctly. It played every song at the "standard rate" or 128 KBs perfectly fine and was very clear. 96 KBs did not sound to good either, but that wasn't expected as 96 is a low quality compression rate.

The bass boost has five modes, which is very convenient because not all earphones were created equal. Also, the song titles can be pretty long so the LCD screen even scrolls to display them (up to a certain length). The record feature is also pretty cool for leaving yourself memos and what not and they can be up to 500 seconds. You'll need a microphone to use this though, as the unit does not come with one.

One of my favorite features of the unit was it's electronic skip protections (ESP). This is where my drop tests came in, I dropped from 4 feet and it did not skip. I then wanted to test its 50 second skip protection. I dropped it from two feet high repeatedly for 50 seconds. It did not skip until the last drop. I was really pleased to learn that the ESP worked so well. Another cool little feature that is not mentioned too often is the LCD backlight. It works good for when you are running late at night or you are on late night bus rides.

The only real problem with the physical unit was the button to open the CD slot. While the button functions, it can take multiple pushes or you just have to push it really hard. Not a big deal, just kind of annoying until you get used to pushing it. Also, the earphones are not the world's greatest ear phones. They get the job done, but they are not anything to rave about.

Overall, the MPFit is a pretty decent unit. It fills its spot in the value sector very nicely. The unit will work great, but you have to meet all its demands and conditions. On the other hand, when you have 160 songs on a CD if one or two do not work right, it's not really that big of a deal. So, while this unit is not a perfect performer, it has some pretty nice features, like the remote control and the record function. With those things in mind I will give the unit a ...

Final Score

4 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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