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BackUp MyPC
Page 2 - Installation & Use
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 20, 2002
Category: Software
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Installation of BackUp MyPC was easy. You just put in the CD and you're on your way. Once you click your way through and finish the setup procedures, then you open up the program and are greeted by an easy to use wizard.

A bit of security
A bit of security
Setup Scheduling
Setup Scheduling

You'll step through the various windows, if you're on Windows NT, 2000, or XP, it will bring up prompt asking who you want to run the backup as (above). This is nice for system administrators. Then, it takes you to the simple backup scheduling window (above). Anyway, you get through the little wizard and you're ready to go. You don't have to schedule downloads; you can cancel out of the wizard at any time (you can always do it later).

Now, that I've discussed setup, let me tell you what this program has to offer. It has full system backups and partial backups (select files) which can be scheduled or un-scheduled (run right then). That's the gist of what you can do with BackUp MyPC. However, the details are what help makes this software from Stomp great.

The first thing I decided to do was do a full backup. So, I used the backup wizard and created full back up to run right then. Since, my laptop has a burner (and I don't really have any other backup source), I chose my CD-R drive as my back up source. While I was setting up, I was given then option of checking for data concurrency and for data compression, both of which I opted to use. As a side note, you can name the backup anything you want or it will name it for you (in this case, Full backup and the date).

So, I started the back up, which I knew was way more than a CD, but it conveniently warned me that the backup was larger than my chosen backup media. The actual backup took about 2 hours and 15 minutes on a 8x burner. I had 9.50 GB of data on my PC. The compression was decent, any files that could be compressed on average were compressed at a 1.40:1 compression (that's not scientific, purely from observation). You'll notice I said "any files that could be compressed." The data on my laptop was not very compressible. In fact, I had forgotten that I had three linux ISO's on my laptop. Due to the fact that I have a lot of un-compressible or barely compressible data on my laptop, an 11 CD back up was not too shabby. However, this doesn't meet the claim of halving my data. This has a lot do with the ISOs. The last CD wasn't filled up completely, but they were 700 MB CD's. Lets say for comparison sake that the last CD was about 200 MB (which is close to how much was used up), that would make the total burn about 7200 MB. That's not half of 9.5 GB but that is still pretty good compression considering what I had on the laptop.

All My Laptop Data
All My Laptop Data

Earlier I stated that the burn took about 2 hours and 15 minutes, that's true. But, I checked for data concurrency, so the whole backup and check took about 3 hours. That sounds slow, but my laptop's regular CD read speed is only 24x and the hard drive only spins at 4200 RPM. So, this will most likely be much faster on a modern desktop PC. As a final note about full system backup, this really backs up your whole system. Also, it's done BackUp MyPC's format, so when it comes time to recover from a wipe out, you'll need BackUp MyPC there to help you recover (which makes sense).

Next up, I decided to try a scheduled, partial backup. For this backup I chose files on the hard drive and files from mapped share of my Samba (SMB) file server. I kept the total size down because I trying to simulate a backup while I was not at the computer, which means I can't span CD's because I wouldn't be there (remember, you could use a tape drive, Jaz drive, etc.). So, I scheduled the back for minutes later. BackUp MyPC then informs you that you need to close the program otherwise the scheduling will not work. This applies at any scheduled time. It will not backup if BackUp MyPC is open. This, I assume, is because you might be editing the scheduling job or what not. It makes sense to me. Anyway, don't leave BackUp MyPC open when you're not using it.

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