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Page 3 - More & Conclusion
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 20, 2002
Category: Software
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With the backup scheduled, I shut down BackUp MyPC, put in a CD, and waited a few minutes. The software handled the backup just fine and required no intervention. When it was finished a couple minutes later, it closed itself and left the computer just how it was. This might be good or bad. If you are not using CD-RWs and are using CD-Rs you and have backups scheduled once a week, you're going to need to remember to replace the CD every week. Otherwise your backup will not complete. While, the topic of overwriting data is on the table, I should mention that BackUp MyPC gives you the option to overwrite previous data or append data to the end of disk (or tape, etc.) if need be.

The last thing I wanted to try out was data restoration. This process is pretty impressive. I deleted some of the data that I had done from my partial back up and then I stuck in the backup CD (which has auto-read, nice!). BackUp MyPC then created a catalog of what is on the CD. This is so you can select what data you want to restore. Then, you get the restoration options. You can choose to restore data in various ways. You can overwrite all the data, you can choose to replace data is older than the data on the CD (in other words, do not overwrite new data), and finally, you can choose to replace only missing files.

The Main Menu
The Main Menu

I'm not going to go any more in depth about the product than this. I don't want to write a guide here, I'm just trying to show you that BackUp MyPC works and works well. The software has many useful features such as backup logs, wizards, etc. that I didn't cover in this review. Besides, the program comes with a small book anyway!

Stomp Inc. has done a great job designing a common type of software. It's easy to setup easy to use, stable, and comes with a very well written manual. There is not much more you ask for from backup software. The only problem I have with the software is the price is kind of high, but it's not going to break your wallet. For $79.00 you can order the CD or for $69.00 you can download it over at their store. This isn't too much to pay for peace of mind. A product of this caliber is definitely deserving of our editor's choice.

Final Score Editor's Choice

4.5 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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