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Badge Lite Kit
Page 2 - Lighting It Up
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 25, 2002
Category: Hardware
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Now that it's time to light it up. I did just that only to be very displeased. Why? The center of the badge is much, much brighter than the edge of the Badge Lite. I then attempted to remedy this problem by making the white motion trail black.

The First Lighting
The First Lighting
Sticker Removed
Sticker Removed

You can't see it in the above picture because I left the flash on when I took the picture, but if I were to turn off the light all you would really see is a bright blue center and you could barely make out the rest of it. It looks ok with the lights on, but not much more than ok. So, I stripped the sticker off and made a black trail off the XT in Photoshop. I turned the sticker paper around and printed out the new badge. It didn't turn out so bad.

Final Product
Final Product
Up Close
Up Close

The final product was pretty good, but I had hoped for more. I feel that the center of the badge being so bright really ruins the effect. Also, as you can see, I tried to use some color in my design; that was foolish of me. These badges come in red, yellow, and blue. So, when you're making your own badge, make sure you base your design around the fact that the light is not white, but a certain color. You should stick with a gray scale image for best results.

One last thing you'll notice in the close up picture is that there is not much light being emitted from the sides of the badge like there usually is. This is because I "modded the mod" a tad bit. I took some duct tape and cut it in very thin strips and then placed them around the edges. I liked this effect best so I thought I'd show you something else you can do with the Badge Lite.

In conclusion, the product was easy to install and use. It is pretty cheap and does not require much more than a drill with a large bit. It can be purchased over at Everglide for $11.95 in the Badge Lite section. My only problem with it was that the center was just too bright to display the sticker clearly.

Final Score

3.5 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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