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Page 2 - General Use
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: July 21, 2002
Category: Software
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For those of you familiar with sound editing software, MySoundStudio feels much the same way Sound Forge sound editing software does. However, this is no Acid Pro or song/loop creation software nor is it marketed in that way.

Mixer Window
Mixer Window
Selection/Controls Window
Selection/Controls Window

I do not want to go into detail about specificities of how this software operates. I do want to state the GUI is very slick and easy to use and that this software does everything it promises in the product specs. I'd also like to mention that "Effects" tools are not only plentiful but a pleasure to use. The preview option makes making changes fast and easy. One tool I particularly like the ease of is the mixer tool, which allows you to pan from left to right and fade in/out in a single track.

The Modulator Effect
The Modulator Effect
Pitch Shifting
Pitch Shifting

The only complaint I have about the general use of this product is the lack of "tool tips" on abbreviated buttons but there are not many abbreviated buttons; so, it isn't that big of a deal. It makes the learning curve a bit steeper if you're not familiar with sound editing software. Besides, the buttons are used so commonly once you figure them out by giving them a few clicks you are not likely to forget what they do.

The one thing that really shoves MySoundStudio into a category of it's own is the .avi track editing capabilities. What this allows you to do is import any .avi video and edit the sound track for that clip and then export it with the new track. This is a pretty useful feature as you could use it to add sound effects to your movie and/or a sound track. You could even reduce ambient noise. This could be handy for you guys out there who want to make spoofs of your family and friend's home videos.

One of the few bad things I could find about MySoundStudio was its lack of sound samples. I do realize this isn't music creation software, but more free sounds would have been helpful when a beginner is adding sound effects to tracks.

The help section is very impressive. If you need to use help (and you should not because of the MySoundStudio's ease of use) you will be greeted by a web site (stored on your hard drive). Not only does it tell you how to use the program but it can even give you the basics of digital audio files. If that's not enough it has a pile of tutorials to choose from and, you guessed it, that's not it. The help page has the following: Reference by Purpose, command reference, keyboard shortcuts, context menus, and of course, trouble shooting.

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