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Danger Den MAZE3 Power Kit
Page 2 - Installation
Author: DCFlux
Date: April 11, 2003
Category: Cooling
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Installation requires removing the motherboard from your case. Remove your CPU heatsink retaining basket and install the 4 stainless steel posts to the holes for the retaining basket. Clean off the old heatsink grease and apply the Arctic Silver 3 that comes with the kit. Place the water block on the CPU and put the retaining springs on and crank down.

Still Installing...
Still Installing...

Use a diagonal pattern with one turn per screw to ensure even spread until tight. Now, using the screws provided, attach the fan to the radiator so that it pulls air through the core, this means the labeled side of fan should be pointing out.

Converting The Pump
Converting The Pump

Convert the Hydor L30 from air pump to water pump using the ½" nipples provided. The blue retaining sleeves are worthless because of the size of the ClearFlex 60.

Completed Setup
Completed Setup

Place the motherboard back into the chassis and install all other components. To ensure maximum user flexibility, it is your job to locate mounting materials to hold the radiator and reservoir in place; you can use industrial strength double-sided tape or industrial Velcro. The pump comes with a suction cup base, but to save space you can Velcro it down.

You should place the reservoir at the highest point in your system, but this could mean drilling holes in the top of your case. Instead, I sacrificed the cases 92mm fan for the location.

Using the ClearFlex 60, hook up the system. The loop should go:

Water Block >> Reservoir >> Pump >> Radiator >> Water Block...

Use a new pair of scissors to cut the tubing by squeezing it flat to get a nice square cut and remember to install the plastic clamps before filling of the system.

Running Setup
Running Setup

Go to your local grocery store and grab a gallon of purified water (not drinking). Pour out a little and put in your Zerex and then fill the system with the pump on. Filling the system is dead simple compared to some other systems. All you do is pop the top of the reservoir and pour water in.

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