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Dynatron DC1206BM-O CPU Cooler
Page 2 - Packaging, Installation
Author: Philip Lam (Phirewerkz)
Date: May 05, 2003
Category: Cooling
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Dynatronís heatsink arrived at my house in a small box one week after the order. Inside, the HSF (Heatsink and Fan), was surrounded by protective styrofoam bits. There was no instruction manual provided, but that would not concern most computer experts due to its simplicity. The packaging was in very good condition and did not damage the HSF at all. Upon opening the package I found that the DC1206BM-O was protected by a plastic coating.

The package
The package
Side View
Side View
Top View
Top View

The HSF is very nicely designed. The grill on the fan caps it off with a nice chrome design.

The bottom of the heatsink is very important for the transfer of heat from the CPU to the heatsink. A clean, smooth, dent free surface ensures the best heat transfer. The DC1206BM-O had a very smooth reflective bottom. On further inspection, no machine marks or scratches were found. Overall, the bottom of the heatsink was very impressive.

Micro-Fin Technology: The DC1206BM-O has incorporated a very clever concept of using very thin fins to increase surface area and heat dissipation. This heatsink has a remarkable 60 fins on it, 30 per side. The individual fins are sliced out of the chunk of copper, rather than being soldered onto the copper. Soldering the fins on individually would increase the heat resistance of the heatsink and make it less efficient. Other companies have used thin fins, but I have not seen this many fins on one heatsink.

Side View - 30 fins
Side View - 30 fins
Top View - 60 fins
Top View - 60 fins
The noisy fan
The noisy fan

The installation process was quite simple. Instead of using the heat compound given by Dynatron, I decided to use Arctic Silver 3 in order to maximize its cooling capabilities during the tests.

The only problem was that the DC1206BM-O was held a little too tight to the CPU. It took a lot of force just to push the retention clip in place, and even more force to try to remove it. I felt a little nervous when trying to remove it, because the whole motherboard seemed to bend a little when I was pressing the clip down. The HSF that I am reviewing has the one-prong clip, but Dynatron also provides the same model with a three-prong clip. Personally, having a three-prong clip would have been more reassuring.

Installed HSF
Installed HSF

When the computer was turned on after installation, I heard the loud 46.5 dB buzzing sound from the fan. After a while, it became distracting and much different from the near silent environment. One improvement I think Dynatron should make would be to provide a quieter fan. In fact, this is one of the reasons that it may not match up with other HSFs, such as ThermalTake. One easy solution to this is to go buy your own 60mm fan and replace the existing one. Moreover, the fan broke down after 4 months of usage. I've read other reviews that also have had the fan break down, so their reliability and quality is in question.

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