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Altec Lansing 251 Speaker System
Page 3 - Performance and Sound Quality
Author: Philip Lam (Phirewerkz)
Date: July 27, 2003
Category: Audio
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Let's start the testing with the basics. When I turned on only the speakers, I can barely hear any white noise, but the low humming frequency emitted by the subwoofer can be easily detected. With the computer on, the only hissing sound that occurs is when the volume is turned up to the maximum.

I first decided to check the accuracy of the frequency range provided on the box. By visiting The Loudspeaker Test, I could clearly hear all of the frequencies they provided on the page (30Hz - 15 kHz) without any static or distortion.

To test out the bass, I decided to start off with some hip-hop and rap music. When I played Get your Walk On - Xhibit, the long-throw woofer shook the ground with some intense bass. Almost immediately, my family complained of the strong bass from upstairs; a good indication that the bass is powerful.

I decided to push the subwoofer to its limit; I connected the speakers and subwoofer to my MD Player. While playing Act a Fool - Ludacris, I turned on the double bass and cranked up the subwoofer volume to full. The bass pumping out of the subwoofer is amazing; I can feel the air pushed out of the speaker from 3 feet away! However, when the volume is four fifths of the way up, I can hear vibrating plastic. This is probably as much the subwoofer can take; taking in consideration that a heavy bass song with doubled bass and maxed out subwoofer level, I would say it is still pretty impressive for a 90 Watt system costing $100 US.

Contrasting the previous music genre, I switched to some classical music. While playing Rondo Alla Turca - Philip Glass, the quick high frequency tones are clearly projected by the speakers with no static or smudging of sound. Switching to a music that has both bass and treble, Symphony No.5 - Beethoven sounded fantastic as loud and soft tones as well as high and low register tones were crystal clear. Overall, I am astounded by the crispness of the sound this system projects.

To test out the surround sound system I turned to computer games. After setting up a Counter-Strike LAN with two computers, I tested out the surround sound by shooting rifles from various directions relative to the computer with the surround system. With the volume half way up, I could tell in which direction he was shooting without looking at his or my computer screen. The next step was throwing grenades around the map. Throwing grenades from left to right can be heard in the surround sound system. Overall, the surround sound system works very well. After watching and listening to action scenes in several different movies I remained confident in the system's surround sound abilities.

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