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irock! 730i MP3 Player
Page 2 - Style & Software
Author: Philip Lam (Phirewerkz)
Date: September 03, 2003
Category: Audio
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The overall design of the irock! 730 is very effective. A rocking button on the front allows the listener to easily scroll up or down to the next/previous track. Instead of using a volume dial for control, two separate buttons are used. There is a removable clip on the back of the player, which lets the listener clip the MP3 Player for convenience during a jog. Weighing in at 1.1 ounces, it is very light; so it won’t feel uncomfortable in your pocket. As far as readability goes, the blue back-lit LCD illuminates the screen well and can be set to stay on for 3 seconds and longer. The LCD shows ID3 tags, battery life, MP3i compatibility as well as pictures, lyrics and biographies.

Leather Carrying Case
Leather Carrying Case
Side View  #1
Side View #1
Side View #2
Side View #2

The 730i powers off of one AAA battery, and lasts for about 8 hours. I feel a better choice would have been to switch to either an AA battery, or have a built in battery and charger. Rechargeable AAA batteries are hard to find and expensive to buy and purchasing a new batch of AAAs every time would not be economic.

Front View
Front View
The Back
The Back

Two music transferring programs are included with the 730i: the MP3i Transfer Manager and MusicMatch Jukebox. Transferring music is very simple; click on the music you want to transfer, and click the export arrow in the Transfer Manager. The same can be done with the MusicMatch Jukebox; this program also serves as an audio player similar to WinAMP. The 730i transfer interface utilizes a full speed USB v1.1, but I would suggest irock! to upgrade to USB 2.0 for an even faster transfer speed.

irock! Transfer Manager
irock! Transfer Manager
MusicMatch Jukebox
MusicMatch Jukebox

However, problems arose during music transfer on my PIII computer (with Windows XP). After the MP3 Player was plugged into the USB port, and the Transfer Manager program was executed, the Transfer Manager Program would hang while it was trying to detect the player. The same occurred with the MusicMatch Jukebox. After contacting tech support, I was given instructions to correctly uninstall and reinstall the software, but the same problem happened. On the other hand, when these programs were executed on the computer with XP2000 and Windows XP, it ran perfectly. There seems to be some compatibility issues that irock! should look into.

The third program that comes with the 730i is the MP3i Creator DX software. This program lets you combine MP3s with lyrics, pictures and biographies. Lyric synchronizations are created by importing the lyrics via text file and clicking on the Sync Lyric button when you heard the words in the music. During this process, I found that it takes a while to perfectly sync the lyrics, and may make your finger tired. But after you’re finished, watching the LCD read the lyrics karaoke-style may be worth the work. Also keep in mind that MP3i files (with pictures, lyrics, and text) are much larger than traditional MP3 files, so the 128MB provided may not hold as much as you expect.

MP3i Creator DX
MP3i Creator DX

Fortunately, linking pictures and biographies are easier to do, but the picture quality is very low because the LCD only shows pictures in black and white. As a result, when viewing a dark image, it is very hard to figure out what is being shown.

After all the lyrics, pictures and biography are linked up, it then encodes the MP3 file into an MP3i file. Since this player is compatible with MP3i files, you can then view these lyrics, pictures and biographies from your LCD.

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