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Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0
Page 2 - Functionality and Conclusion
Author: Jessica Holman (Strawberryswirl)
Editor: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: January 21, 2004
Category: Hardware
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The mouse functions just as any other mouse does, except the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer has a few additional features. For example, I can sit approximately 6-7 feet away from the receiver and still use my mouse (it is recommended that you keep the mouse and receiver within 3 feet of each other). A feature advertised with this model was longer battery life, now this is the first wireless mouse I have used and I have only had it for approximately 3 months or so. According to the manual and people I have spoken to, battery life is around 6 months.

Another feature that I found helpful is the low battery life indicator. When your batteries start to run out of juice an indicator or warning will pop up to let you know you need to get new batteries soon. In an attempt to simulate low battery life I took out one battery... but the mouse continued to work just fine on one battery. I was able to get a low signal warning at about 5 feet away from my computer, with the warning you are prompted to test the mouse and receiver connection to make sure there are no problems (you can opt not to test the signal if you choose). I thought this was a cool feature, and at the end of the test they congratulate you on fixing the problem! Nothing like a little confidence booster.

Poor Signal Alert
Poor Signal Alert
Signal Quality Wizard
Signal Quality Wizard

While we're discussing the battery life, you may want to note that the battery compartment is very easily accessible. It is also very easy to open, and the batteries are fairly easy to install and remove. However, as I stated before, I have had no problems with battery life so far.

Bottom of Mouse
Bottom of Mouse
Battery Compartment Open
Battery Compartment Open

One thing I do have to mention in regards to the functionality of the mouse is it does lag the slightest bit. This is due to the fact that it is a wireless mouse. It's not a big issue for the average user, however this mouse is probably not the best choice for serious gamers.

Overall, I found the Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer to fit all of my mousing needs. It offers a variety of new features, a sleek design, and, most importantly, long lasting comfort. However, I was disappointed with the limited number of operating systems compatible with this model; but then again if you are out seeking a new and innovative mouse you are probably going to be equipped with a higher end operating system. Also, the slight lag will pose a problem for gamers. The price for this item isn't too bad for the features offered; you can pick one up for approximately $50.00 US. Despite the limited number of operating systems available to use with this product I found it to be a solid, reliable, and comfy.

Final Score Editor's Choice

4.5 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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