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SMC SMCWMR-AG EZ-Stream Wireless Multimedia Receiver
Page 1 - Introduction and Packaging
Author: Philip Lam (Phirewerkz)
Editor: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 28, 2004
Category: Hardware
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SMC SMCWMR-AG EZ-Stream Wireless Multimedia Receiver

With the advancement of wireless networking, many things have been made faster and more convenient. Wireless networking allows consumers to easily share data on computers without tangling themselves in a mess of networking cables and it facilitates roaming and decentralization. As expected, this powerful technology has started to spread towards less personal computer orientated mediums.

SMC, a company known for its wired and wireless network equipment, has created a device which allows media from a computer (music, videos, pictures and internet radio) to be viewed and heard on the television via wireless networking. Thanks to SMC, I have had the opportunity to review the EZ-Stream Universal 2.4GHz/5GHz Wireless Multimedia Receiver.

In order to use the SMCWMR-AG, the following system specifications are required:
- A PC with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP
- CD-ROM drive
- 400mhz of faster processor
- A minimum of 50MB of free disk space
- 128MB or RAM (Minimum)
- External Cable or DSL Modem
- Fro Internet Radio use: Broadband internet connection
- A Wired or Wireless Network Adapter
- A stereo and/or TV

The box that enclosed the Receiver was very attractive and listed all the features that the device is capable of performing. However, it seems to stress that a wireless network adapter is needed, which is not true. One very impressive feature is the universal compatibility with 802.11 a/g wireless standards, which portrays the versatility this device possesses.

The Box Shot
The Box Shot
Some stuff the Receiver comes with
Some stuff the Receiver comes with

Inside the box, all the components included are packed neatly and securely. The SMCWMR-AG includes:
- EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver
- Remote Control
- Packet of 2 AA Batteries
- RCA Stereo Audio Cable
- RCA Video Cable
- RJ-45 Category 5 Cable
- Quick Installation Guide
- EZ Installation Wizard, Documentation, and Musicmatch Jukebox software CD-ROM
- Power Adapter

Side View
Side View
The Remote Control
The Remote Control

The SMCWMR-AG has a very stylish design with the blue and silver theme (with a blue LED) thereby making it look very slick. The slim and compact design allows this device to be placed almost anywhere and helps save space. Two LEDs (one for link, one for power) are placed on the front in order to let the user know the status of the receiver.

Front View
Front View
Back View (Sideways)
Back View (Sideways)

The back of the receiver is labeled clearly so you are able to easily connect the appropriate cables. This receiver connects to the TV via RCA cable. The remote sensor is located on the front of the device located under the power button. For those who do not have a wireless network, an Ethernet socket is located on the back as well.

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