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SMC SMCWMR-AG EZ-Stream Wireless Multimedia Receiver
Page 2 - Installation and Features
Author: Philip Lam (Phirewerkz)
Editor: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: February 28, 2004
Category: Hardware
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Installing this device using the Quick Installation Guide was very easy. In order to establish a connection between the computer and the wireless receiver, the SMCWMR-AG Media Server included on the CD-ROM must be installed. Installation of the software was very fast and I incurred no problems using WinXP and Win98 SE. The CD also includes Musicmatch Jukebox 8 (for music organization) and Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 (for viewing the tutorial and FAQ on from the CD).

EZ CD-ROM Installation
EZ CD-ROM Installation
The Installation Guide
The Installation Guide

Setting up the receiver is even easier to do; the guide includes easy-to-follow diagrams allowing anyone to easily understand and set it up. When the all the correct cables are plugged in, the TV interface allows the user to set up the receiver to fit their preferences. This includes a Wired/Wireless Network, Update Frequency and other options including proxy and encryption. More importantly, an IP address can be assigned to the unit for networks that require static IP addresses. DHCP can also be enabled, which allows the SMCWMR-AG to obtain an IP address automatically. For wireless networks, an SSID can be entered in order to identify the wireless device. This device's default is set to connect to the SMC2804WBR Barricade g 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps Wireless Router and SMC2304WBR-AG EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Broadband Router.

Select the correct IP
Select the correct IP
Search for Media Link
Search for Media Link

After installing the software, it must be configured with the appropriate settings. Under the "Network Connections Tab", all the local area networks are listed with their appropriate IP addresses. The correct IP that the network adapter uses to connect to the receiver must be selected in order to communicate with the receiver. After this is completed and when the receiver is connected to the television (with all cables connected), clicking the "Search for Media Link" button will search for the receiver, and lists the device underneath, signify that a connection has been made.

Setting up the Receiver
Setting up the Receiver

This overall process took me less than 15 minutes to do, which is very impressive considering the numerous capabilities this device is able to perform. The installation guide is very detailed and, yet, simple to follow. If users still experience problems, a FAQ (PDF format) can be opened from the CD for further help. A phone number is also listed for technical support.

In order to view music and videos from the television, the user has to select which files they allow the receiver to play. This is very easy to do using the software; the user just needs to select the file or directory and click "Add". Once this is done, the files are accessible via the receiver and then can be selected to play using the remote control included.

Sharing Files
Sharing Files
Updating Files
Updating Files
Internet Radio
Internet Radio

Want to add files while the receiver is already on? No problem. The program allows the user to add new files anytime and will update it automatically for immediate access from the television. There is also an option to update the files in the selected directories every week in case something new is added. Internet Radio is very simple to utilize; simply enter the internet radio URL into the program and it will accessible by the receiver.

Operating the SMCWMR-AG is very easy and requires no prior knowledge. Once the appropriate Video Input setting is set, the receiver verifies a link with the computer(s) on the network. Once this is established, a menu appears which allows you to select music, video or radio to listen to. Music can be categorized by artist, album title and [song] title, (it also shows ID3 tags) which makes it very nice when you are only in the mood to listening to music from a specific artist.

EZ-Stream Menu
EZ-Stream Menu
Arranging Music
Arranging Music

This wireless receiver can also display pictures in a slide show format, which is excellent for viewing vacation pictures taken on a digital camera and is much easier to utilize using the easy to handle remote control.

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Features and Conclusion

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