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NTI Backup Now! 3
Page 1 - Introduction
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: August 08, 2004
Category: Software
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NTI Backup Now! 3

Having reviewed two backup software packages in the past, backup software is becoming familiar territory for me. With ever-increasing hard drive sizes and storage options a good backup and recovery product must be flexible.

NTI's Backup Now! 3 Deluxe Suite is a bundled software collection containing both Backup Now! 3, NTI's file backup system, and NTI DriveBackup! 3, NTI's drive imaging and restoring software. Both products can be purchased separately, but are offered at a discount when acquired together in the Deluxe Suite.

Obligatory Box Shot
Obligatory Box Shot
Open Wide
Open Wide
The Goods
The Goods

Reproduced below is an abridged list of features and system requirements taken from NTI's Backup Now! 3 pages. For a full, un-shortened list, please visit NTI's website.

Brief Product Summary
Software Features Extensive Backup Device Support
-- CD and DVD R and RW formats, Internal/External/Networked Hard Drives, USB pen drives, and more
Drive Spanning - multiple CD/DVD drives for unattended backup jobs
Automatic Media Spanning
Widest Array of Supported Drives in the Backup Software Market
Bootable CD and Floppy Creator
Automatic Backup Scheduler
Intra Backup Restart
Password Protect Specific Backup Jobs
Incremental and Differential Backup
Backup in-use system files, hidden files, and even the Windows Registry
On-The-Fly Compression
Network Drive Support
Simplified disaster recovery support for Windows NT, 2000, XP.
Advanced File filtering
Enhanced backup writing speed
Software Requirements Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
Hardware Requirements IBM PC or compatibles Pentium 90 or higher
Minimum 64 MB Main Memory. (128 MB and above Recommended)
Windows® XP & Windows® 2000 Operating Systems may require at least 128 MB of Main Memory.
35 MB of available free disk space for software installation.
NTI-supported CD or DVD recorders.

Installation of the software was very easy. After the install CD is inserted into the drive and a few seconds have passed the auto-play menu appears, click "Install Products", and then install two components (Backup Now! and DriveBackup!). The individual installations are very easy and are completed with just a few clicks.

Main Autoplay Menu
Main Autoplay Menu
Install Sub-menu
Install Sub-menu

After installation is complete, a reboot is requested (but not forced) before you can use the software. This procedure is also followed when updating Backup Now! 3 (excluding CD/DVD burner driver updates). I highly suggest rebooting the computer no matter the operating system being used as I encountered some weird issues when I tried to perform a backup without rebooting.

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