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Really Big Retro Fit Kit
Page 2 - More Setup and Tests!
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: January 11, 2000
Category: Cooling
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It is important that you realize that putting these in my BP6 was NOT easy. In fact, I cut my hands multiple times. I almost passed out from blood loss! Ok, not really, but I was cut a lot. I had to loosen the screws holding the fan grill down with the fans connected and play with the positioning for a while. You do this by holding the fan blades out of the way and sticking your screw driver in there. You can see the final positioning of the fans in the picture below. What really caused the pain was trying to get the heatsink's clips mounted. It's hard to get your fingers in really tight places, especially if they are big. I would recommend taking all your SDRAM out while you do this project and put it in at the end.

FEPs w/ 80mm Y.S. Tech Fans
My Box w/ Retro Fit Kit
My Box w/ Retro Fit Kit

I ran these tests at 583 MHz @ 2.05 Volts. I have shown results with case fans disabled and enabled. With the case fans "disabled," the only fans running are the Power Supply Fan, the 486 fan on the Voodoo 3, and the 80mm on the FEPs.

Heat Sink With Grill Installed
Heat Sink w/ Grill Installed
Bad picture, as most are!

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More Setup and Tests!

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