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Page 1 - Leading Interactive Backup Software
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: December 04, 2002
Category: Software
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To most people, keeping the documents that are on your computer is as important as keeping your paper documents. However, unlike their paper counterparts, digital documents cannot physically be put in a fire safe box with a lock (technically they can, but you get my point). This leads up to the fact that we need to backup our computer data if we want any chance of insuring its integrity. Enter LIUtilities' WinBackup.

WinBackup is not the first backup software title that I have reviewed and, quite frankly, WinBackup is a bit different than any previous backup software I have used. It differs in its simplicity. Keep reading and I will explain.

Ye Olde Box Shot
Ye Olde Box Shot
And The Stuff Inside
And The Stuff Inside

Installation was very straight forward. You put in the CD and you are asked if you want to install; a couple clicks later and you are done. It doesn't get much easier. Also, I took a look at the instruction manual. It's not the world's fanciest instruction book but it gets the job done and it is not shabby at all.

Use is where WinBackup differs from previously reviewed software. The interface is very, well, plain! In fact, it is so simple that it is actually quite enjoyable. There are not any nagging screens or annoying popups. There is a small wizard window that opens but you can close it quickly and it doesn't bother you anymore (yes, there are buttons on the toolbar to access it again quickly). The best part about the wizard is that you don't really need it. The software is very straight forward. If you want to create a new backup job, you click Create Job.

Job List
Job List
Pick Your File
Pick Your File

Once you've named your job, you click the file tab and you get to undergo the wonderful task of selecting which files are important (or all of them if that floats your boat). One thing that I found very useful is the "User Data" drop down that allows you to easily select common backup items such as your favorites, documents, and Outlook Express emails. All in all, it's a pretty easy thing to do. If you can't find the files you're looking to backup, there is a convenient built in Search tab as well. In addition, while you're selecting files, WinBackup keeps track of the total and estimated compressed file size on the bottom of the window.

CD-R Settings
CD-R Settings

There are ample options available when you are creating your backup jobs. There are plenty of scheduling options (daily, weekly, and monthly). Once you enable a backup scheduling job, WinBackup opens a background process, which takes care of remembering when to run the backups. One option you cannot get around is setting where the backup will be saved. You can choose to save it to disk or burn it to a CD-R or CD-RW. There are plenty of options in the 'Save Backup To CD' dialog (span across discs, overwrite and continue media, etc.).

Backup Settings
Backup Settings
More Settings
More Settings

If you thought I ran out of settings to talk about, you would be wrong. There are more settings and options. WinBackup allows you to backup only changes or total backups, copy the existing backup to a certain place, exclude certain file extensions, 256 (or 128) bit encryption, and more. I really like how the programmers at LIUtilities add such a robust feature set but continue to keep the software simple.

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