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October 2000

Phasing Out Rambus
According to The Register, Intel will be getting rid of Rambus in 2001. Good news if you ask me.

760 chipset overclocking
Looks like Sharky Extreme is overclocking on one of the 760 chipset boards. For those of you that aren't "in the know" the 760 chipset is for socket a AMD's that run on a 266MHz front side bus and uses DDR RAM. They compare a 600 Duron on the DDR platform to an 800 Duron on a KT133 board.

Intellimouse Explorer
Jsi Hardware has got a review of the Intellimouse Explorer, which is produced out by Microsoft. People swear by them for gaming but I sure don't. They are very nice for "surfing" though but then again, that's my opinion.

Tech Zone Stuff
The Tech Zone has a review of the Novasonic MP-786 CD/MP3 player. It's a pretty spiffy unit if you've got the cash. However, if you don't have the cash and need a new computer, today is the last day you can enter The Tech Zone 875Mhz Game Computer Contest. Good luck to you poor bastards (like me). Smile

VIA PL133 Review
VIA Hardware has a review of a board utilizing that the VIA PL133 chipset. This is going to probably be a popular chipset for OEMs and maybe for building a ma and pa computer.
"Although the PL133 does not top the Intel i810 chipset in business performance, the marginal loss is easily made up by the PL133's 3D performance. Another advantage of the PL133 is cost. The PL133 is expected to cost anywhere from $30-40 cheaper that the Intel i810. This may not sound like a whole lot, but when your talking about PCs that are sub $800, it becomes a major issue."

55th ZZZ Online
The 55th issue of ZZZ Online was posted recently. He covers the interesting topics of hemispherical 3D displays, virtual reality in a cybersphere, online fitting rooms, and an ultra small flying spy.


Agilent Arcticooler
Case Modders Australia have a review up of the infamous Agilent Arcticooler. Sure it's not a case mod, but what do I care, it's a pretty damn good cooler for its size.

fUnc sUrface1030
That crazy bastard at Dan's Data has a review of yet another new mousing surface. However, in his review of the fUnc sUrface1030 he displays some pretty damn cool features including a cord clip!

A-Pro CS-900PX
The Hardware Pub has what they call their "A-Pro CS-900PX Case Review/Modification Guide." Nice stuff, really.

HardCOREWare has a review of the ABIT KT7-RAID. I have this board in my machine now, and it's one sweet mutha.


MS Admits Blame
Microsoft has admitted blame for system hangs in Windows 2000.
Microsoft has put its hands up and admitted to providing incomplete support for VIA chip sets in Windows 2000's AGP drivers.
The Register has the scoop as well as a link to the patch.


DDR mobo press releases
Adrian's Rojak Pot has press releases concerning two different motherboards which will utilize DDR SDRAM. I know I've been waiting for this! Chaintech is releasing the 6JVD2 and Asus is going to bring out the A7M266. I can't wait until Abit comes out with theirs! Smile

Micosoft, hacked!
Microsoft has been hax0red! No joke! They MSNBC also has a article on how they did it. These guys were a lot more l33t than I am.


Chick's Hardware News
Chick's Hardware is making the news twice this today. They have updated their "Hot Internet Deals" page. Also, they a review up of the MidiLand S4 7100 5.1 Speaker System. I picked up some of the Klipsch Speakers that Gordaen reviewed, and I'm a very happy man.

Tweeking Device 2
There is a Tweeking Device 2 review at Extreme Overclocking. If you have a Slot A Athlon, it is time to upgrade to a Socket A so you might as well overclock the crap of your old stuff. Smile


MSI Starforce 816
The Tech Zone has a review on a MSI Starforce 816. Go check it out! Looks pretty interesting Smile

Win 2 HD Coolers!
Hey, you want to win 2 hard drive coolers and some extra stuff? Good, because they have a contest going on right now at G3D! Head on over and enter the contest.

Celeron 600 @ 1GHz
The Tech Zone takes a look at a nice little Celeron II that does some pretty cool stuff. What does this one do? Well, this Celeron II 600 runs at 1 GHz.

GeForce AA Utility
Guru3D has posted version 1.3 of their GeForce AA Utility. They say that they fixed a few bugs and made it NT4 compatible. Here's some info:
This piece of software installs itself in the Windows Taskbar as a couple Tray icons, and gives you 1-click access to enable or disable Direct3D and OpenGL antialias independently, and 2-click access to other GeForce's antialiasing settings, like Direct3D and OpenGL AA quality.
Version 1.3
- OpenGL not keeping quality setting bug corrected.
- Rare D3D AA bug that made AA remain enabled occasionally.
- Seems to work fine on NT4. Removed D3D settings when running in NT4 (not hardware D3D in NT4).
- Probably the last version of this utility.

Need it? Want it? Go get it here.


Abit BX133-RAID review
Well, if you still insist on using Intel chips, you should read about the Abit BX133-RAID motherboard. PC Extremes has the review.

AMK Keylock
Ever want to lock your case up? Well, PX Extremes has just the thing for you to keep thous cleptomaniacs out of your case. It is the AMK Keylock and they have a full page on it. Only a page? Trust me, when you get there, that's about all you can write about it.

ECS P6VXA Review
Active-Hardware has posted a review of the ECS P6VXA motherboard. It sounds pretty generic to me, but hey, I know generic stuff is sometimes just as good as the premium stuff.

BIOS Optimization Guide
Adrian's Rojak Pot has posted an update on their BIOS Optimization Guide. If this applies to you, you might want to go take a peek. Smile

Ratpadz VS. Giganta
HardCORE Ware has a shoot out of the so called 'new' Ratpad from HardOCP VS. the Everglide Giganta. Sounds neat, go check it out.

PS2 vs. PC
Ever wondered exactly how the new Playstation 2 stacks up against the PC? Well, Ars Technica shows us the real facts. Go check it out, you'll be surprised.


Dual Boot Guide
Do you like the stability of Windows 2000, but the gaming of 98? Well, Latest Updates has a guide to show you how to dual boot with these two operating systems. Enjoy!

19" ADI Monitor Review
You want a monitor? You want it to be big? Good, because PC stats has a phat 19" ADI Monitor Review. Looks pretty good to me. Go check it out already! Smile

Chip cooler round-up
Dan's Data has a heat sink round-up of sorts going on down under. He covers the slimline Alpha PAL15, the copper Kanie Hedgehog 238M, the Just Cooler P-925, the Thermaltake Chrome Orb, and the Blue Orb. Busy guy for sure, must not have a real job. Smile

Cheap AMD OC'd
There's some AMD Socket A Proccessors over at The Overclockerz Store If you want to grab some already overclocked AMD's for real cheap, Go check it out! Smile


Ever wanted to boot Win2k and Linux well I sure haven't, prefer one OS to one computer, but if you are that type of freaky person that likes to swing both ways. LittlWhiteDog has a Q&A session up on Dual Booting with Win2k and Linux go check it out. This is a response to a few questions that were raised from there original article.

Mobo Madness
Over at Active Hardware they have a review of the EPoX EP-8KTA. Quite a name, wouldn't want to say it three times fast or anything. Well go check it out, sounds like a mighty good board, but I will stick to my Abit.

3dfx Voodoo4 4500
Chick's hardware has a review up on the new Voodoo4 4500. Sounds intriguing, go check it out.

Flat-Panel Monitors
In the market for a flat-panel monitor? Well, you're in luck. Rumor has it that they will be drastically dropping in price due to an overstock. Here's a snippet:
"There are a lot of companies that have a warehouse full of product because of oversupply right now, and they will be dumping it," said Herb Berkwits, of senior product manager for Viewsonic.

Start saving this might be the right time to buy!

MS Sidewinder FF2
Gaming in 3D has a review of the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick up now. If you wonder why the hell you would want to pay over $100 on a joystick, maybe you should read the review.

Blue Orb Review
I remember back when everyone went crazy as golden orbs first came available. Now, as you probably know, Blue Orbs are available. Designed for chipset cooling, they can also cool video cards nicely. Not only do they look good, but they are quiet too. Aware Magazine has the review.

AOpen AX34 Pro II
If you are looking for a new motherboard, but can't decide what to get, head on over to dansdata.com and check out this AOpen AX34 Pro II review. The motherboard might be a little expensive, but then again, it might just be what you are looking for.

A DFI CA64-EC motherboard has been put to the test at The Tech Zone and survived to tell about it. You know it has to be a decent board if it is still functional after these guys test it

VIA on Top
The guys over at VIA Hardware has decided that VIA is on top. I will not agree with him fully, but will agree that VIA, indeed, is doing well. Anyway, they have an article posted entitled "How VIA Got On Top."

Is Your Orb Authentic?
Are you sure that your Chrome/Blue/Golden Orb is real? No, really, are you SURE?!? If you answered no to the second or first question, Extreme Overclocking has a guide up which will allow you to check whether or not your orb is authentic.

VIA Tech. Forum
Interested in a little VIA Technology Forum 2000 Coverage? Well, the German bastards at iBXT labs have some.

FIC FB11 Review
Active Hardware has a review on the FIC FB11. All I really know about the motherboard is that FIC stands for First International Computer but nothing more.


Pocket PC Font Caching
Adrian's Rojak Pot posted a Speed Demonz guide on Pocket PC's font caching feature. Check out this clip:
PalmTweak is a small program. The actual executable itself (the MIPS version at least) is only 47KB in size. Installation is easy although the user will have to know a little about copying the appropriate file to the correct directory in the Pocket PC.

Inside, there are some pretty nice features although there's nothing that would enable us to improve the performance of the Pocket PC. Except for one feature, that is - Font Caching. Granted, the Pocket PC was never meant to be a speed demon but I'm sure we could all do with a shorter delay when switching between programs or while loading up processor-intensive software
like Microsoft Reader.

So, what does Font Caching do? Will it actually boost the Pocket PC's performance? Let's find out!

Sounds interesting... go check it out already!

Overclocking Guide
Are you an xtreme overclocker? If you aren't, you should go read this. It's part one of a three part tutorial on overclocking at AMD World. If you are an xtreme overclocker, you should go buy something in the store.

Destruction Gallery
For all those peeps who want some destruction on a Sunday afternoon. Check out IpKonfig's new Destruction Gallery. They ask for you guys to send in some pics, so send away.

Socket A ShootOut, again
IpKonfig has a review of three heatsinks from OCZ. Here is a snippet:
"I'm given'er all she's got Captain" Thermal over-load is the most destructive and costly problem Overclockers face when pushing their processor speeds to infinity and beyond. A quality heatsink is paramount when maxing out your system. Now that AMD is destroying Intel in the processor market, Socket A heatsink designs are becoming more popular. Many of the designs are changing almost daily. Some common design issues are proper fit, excessive noise, fan RPM's. The biggest problem with the Duron/Thunderbird processors is that they crack easily when placing a heatsink incorrectly. But nevertheless, AMD has designed yet another good processor for us to Overclock, and cool down."

Mo' Later c'mon give me a break it is 1:30 in the morning. Smile

Hidden Windows Settings
Feel like a good laugh? This is pretty funny...



Customizing Windows
For those of you that haven't completely customized windows yet, Virtual Hideout has a guide up. Most of it applies to Win9x/ME, but there is a little bit for WinNT/2K.

Gateway Tournament
Gateway is hosting an awesome tournament, which was setup by the CPL. There are some mad prizes too! $1500, Pentium 4 systems (hehe, *when available*) and more.

Socket A HS Shootout
Inside Hardware has a socket a heatsink shootout, kinda like the one we have here, but he has about 3 more heatsinks than ol' WebMasterP got to test. All of the heatsinks he tests are AMD approved, and shouldn't destroy your sweet new Duron/T-Bird, unless you use a hammer when you put your heatsinks on. Well, what are you waiting for? Go read it!


1.2GHz Thunderbird
I know I can't be the only one that drools over this...GIMME!


Good ol' 1.2 GHz Thunderbirds. Thanks goes out to Tom's Hardware for the picture.

Panoramic Monitor
Could you imagine fragging in Counter-Strike with one of these? Puts all of those tiny 21" monitors to shame. Anybody want to buy one for me?

HL Platinum Ed. Box
NetKills.com has a picture of the new Half Life Platinum Edition Box. It's a nice box and no, I don't know why they named their site NetKills

1 GHz for under $1000
Can you believe a GHz system can qualify as a value system now? Just pure craziness. Well anyway The Tech Zone tells you how to build a GHz system for under $1000 including monitor! So if you're gonna build that new rig soon, go read it here!

Overclocking Cameras
Well, we've overclocked everything in our computers. Now what do we do? ZZZ online will tell you how to overclock your camera. Digital Camera? No. Regular Camera? Yes.

Card Cooler XT
The Savage Zone has a review of the infamous Card Cooler XT. This is the card cooler that has two 120mm fans. I'll be reviewing one shortly, as well.

2CoolPC Plus Giveaway
Did you want a 2CoolPC Plus? Well, maybe ten of your friends do to! Gaming in 3D is giving away 11 of those bad boys. What are you waiting for?


News Bits
Adrian's Rojak Pot has posted a few news bits on Win2k, Pocket PC's, and the availability of PDA's in Malaysia. If you've got nothing better to do you might as well go check it out.

IP Masking
Are you into dressing up for Halloween? Then why leave your IP out of all of the fun! SafeWeb launched a free service Wednesday for visitors seeking shelter from the tracking capabilities of employers, online marketers, Web sites and the government. They use a technique called IP masking. Sounded pretty interesting, go read up if you have the time.


TK: FotD Screen Shots
Wondering what Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon looks like? Well, I wasn't either, but if you are curious Games Xtreme has several new screenshots up. Smile

Gateway Solo 3350
Well, not many people custom build notebooks like they do towers, so if you are in the market for one you should be sure to check out the Gateway Solo 3350. It has a PIII 600MHz and weighs less than four pounds. The Tech Zone has the review.

OCZ Enhanced Memory
VIA Hardware has a review on some OCZ Enhanced Memory. This stuff is high quality stuff and I'll be adding it to my list to Santa.

64MB ATI Radeon
Guru 3D has a review posted of the ATI Radeon 64MB. These cards are damned fast and offer some pretty nice DVD playback quality too!

Oddball CD-Rs
Dan's Data has damn cool round up posted. He reviews a bunch of freaky CD-Rs in what he calls his Oddball CD-R round-up. It is actually pretty interesting; even if you're not a super techie, you will probably enjoy this article.

Enermax 431W PSU
Frosty Tech (not to be confused with CompletelyFrozen Tech) has posted a review of the Enermax 431watt PSU. All I know is that if you're using a 78 Watt Peltier like Slugo was, you are going to need one of these. Smile A 300 Watt PSU is not going to do it.

New PDAs
For all those that have a PDA or ever wanted one, there are a few quick links you might want to know about. First over at Ars they have a review of the Compaq iPaq 3650/30 which is Compaq's PDA. Also, Handspring has just released two new models of their Visor they now have a Platinum which is 50% faster than there old top of the line model (which was fast anyway). They also released a color model called the Prism it looks pretty sweet, it has 65,000 colors which is a whole lot of colors. So now you are in the know on PDAs.

No HD Computers
Ever had the problem where you have an awesome gaming box but no Hard Drive? Well, I sure have never had this happen to me but for you poor folks who do, there is a solution right here. It is a how-to on making a bootable cd-rom with a game on it, it runs off Linux and what not. I want to see Micro$oft do that. Smile


New T-bird and Duron
AMD officially released the 1200 MHz Thunderbird and the 800 MHz Duron today. Tom's Hardware has a nice review on them. He also put up some facts and lies about Intel and AMD's chips. Go read it, you might learn something!

Startup Screen Guide
NFS Xtreme has a mini-guide up on how to change your Windows 9X Startup screen. No matter how much I try, I can never get this to work. Smile I'm just another st00pid d00d.

Cache Fundamentals
People who want to be in the know on about their cache need to head on over to SystemLogic. They have a run-down on what Cache is for and what it does. Pretty good read, especially if you like to read technical dribble that can sometimes cure insomnia.

Cheap ATI TV Card
ATI TV Wonder Value Edition? Yup, watch TV on your computer for cheap! This review is brought to you by the kind folks at Gideon Tech.

ZZZ Online #53
3D ink-jet printer and antimatter engines for everyone! Nope, I lied. But you can read about them in the 53rd issue of ZZZ online.

Active-Hardware has posted a review of the ECS P6VAPA+ mainboard. If I knew more, I would have wrote a review my self, but I don't. Smile


Free Stuff
For all you peeps out there who like free stuff, and who doesn't right? LittleWhiteDog is having a contest, you just have to enter your e-mail, there is a total of 6 winner so head on over there and take a crack at it.

Blue Orbs Everywhere
There is the Chrome Orb, Golden Orb, Super Orb, and the now released Blue Orb. This puppy is here to cool your chipsets. Whether it be your videocard chipset or the northbridge chipset on your motherboard, ThermalTake is here for you. :) Trainwrecker has a reivew up and so does Extreme Overclocking.


Gear Grip Pro
The Cold Shop has a review of one of the computer carriers for LAN Partiers, I sure would like one of these since I go to quite a few LAN partys and hate making all those extra trips.

Leadtek's GeForce MX
HardCoreWare explains why Leadtek's version of the GeForce MX is a very good buy. If you are looking for a good video card, under $200, you should probably read this review.

OCZ Socket A Cooler Review
Over at ipkonfig they have a review of a Heatsink from Overclockerz Store, it looks pretty cool it is blue. So if you have one of those blue video cards from Hercules you can make your computer color coordinated. Go check it out


GeForce2 MX Roundup
For all interested people who are on the look out for the most bang for their hard-earned buck, GeForce2 MX Roundup. They compare four of the big name MX video cards (Asus, Leadtek, ect.). I think it's worth a read, but then, who cares what I think.

Shuttle AV18 MoBo
Active Hardware has a review of the Shuttle AV18 motherboard up. It uses the VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset and includes onboard sound. It might be worth checking out if you still like Intel...


Robotic Pets
Like pets, but don't like to feed them, love them, or take proper care of them? Then Sony has your answer! They have created what they call the ERS-210, it is the new generation of the "Aibo" dog they had a while back. From what they say it's a loveable robotic bundle of joy, but to me it seemed like a larger and much fancier version of a Gigapet... Go check it out, if you dare.

Digital Doc 3
I can't believe I forgot to post this! Sorry guys, but here it is (just a few days late). Virtual Hideout took a look at the Digital Doc 3. It allows you to check the temperatures of 8 locations in your case as well as monitor your power connections and RPMs! This thing looks good too. I might get version 5 when it is available.

Addtronics Case Review
Trainwrecker Computer Addicts has taken the time to review two of Addtronics' server cases. These are huge and designed more for cooling and people that need the extra room. It looks to me like they are similar to the SC-750a (considering Addtronics made that one too) but for a lot more money. Either way, read all about it.

Upcoming Site Changes
Just to let you guys know, there are going to be some major design changes going on here pretty quick. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact me.

Dually 1 GHz
Dually 1 GHz systems? Yeah, I'll take one. The Tech Zone has already got one. Now, I just have to get them to send it to me.

No Contact Thermometer
Justin Liu over at Inside Hardware has a review of the RayTek MT4 Non-Contact Thermometer . All you have to do is point it at something, and you have a temperature reading within a second, sounds pretty cool to me.


V7100 GF2 MX
You want some raw performance? Don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Hardware Avenue has a card on hand that does just that. Try a V7100 GF2 MX on for size.

TwinView GeForce2 MX
Do we have a review of the Asus V7100/2V1D GeForce2 MX TwinView? I think not but you can get your TwinView loving over at the Technoyard.

Don't Panic!
Are you scared of them? Do you lose sleep at night because of them? Do you ever lock yourself in a closet for two days because you're waiting till their gone? I know I do. In case you are wondering what I'm talking about, I'm talking about cookies. If you're like me, then you probably want to read The Game Den's review of Don't Panic! This bad boy will help get rid of those suckers for you and it's not overpriced.

Ask 3Dfx
G3D is giving you the chance to ask 3dfx whatever your little heart desires. They will be picking the top ten entries and sending them in. What are you waiting for, go submit those questions!

The Guru 3D has a review up on the GeForce 2 Ultra. They seemed pretty hyped up about it. Go see what all of the fun is about here.


The Register has an article up on the unveiling of AMD's muliti processor plans. You can read it here .

AMD veep Rich Heye, a veteran engineer of both the early DEC Alpha and IBM Somerset Project (aka, the PowerPC) - unveiled the details with a marvellous fusillade of one liners, the most popular of which had some Intel folk grinning: "They said we couldn't do it [Athlon]... but we built it, we shipped it... and we didn't have to recall it."

Dans Data tells you all about the TVPhone98 w/ VCR, a card with many functions for video and audio capturing that is actually Win98 friendly (unheard of!), in this review. This might actually be worth getting.

Did your motherboard not come with its thermistor? That has happened to me in the past. Virtual Hideout has a mini how-to guide for building your own thermistor using basic parts.

We have to news releases posted. The SH6 and the SA6R. Both of them are pretty nice i815 prospects.

Chick's Hardware has a review of the 1.1 GHz Thunderbird chip. It's a 100 MHz faster than what I have so I want one.


There is yet another review on the Asus A7V. This time it's from pcreview.co.uk. Go check it out if you still don't know about all it's specs.

The Tech Zone has a contest going on now. If your computer sucks, enter it and you might just win a 875MHz system. Don't worry, the contest is easy. Just remember who sent you there if you win... :)

AwareMag.com has a Socket-A shootout. They don't cover all the coolers available, but they do have PAL 6035, HedgeHog 238M, and the FOP 38.

The Iwill KV200 motherboard has been reviewed over at Via Hardare. This is a KT133 based board, which means that it is for a Socket-A Athlon or Duron.


If you are looking for a new mid tower and don't want to do too much to it yourself, you should look at Virtual Hideout's review of the Tornado 1000 case. It is rather nice but has a steep price tag.

Sharky Extreme has a round-up of 8 of the high end video cards. They are the 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 64MB SDR, Asus V7700 Deluxe 32MB DDR, ATI Radeon 32MB DDR, Creative Annihilator 2 32MB DDR, Elsa Gladiac Geforce 2 GTS 32MB DDR, Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32MB DDR, Leadtek Winfast Geforce2 GTS 32MB DDR, and last but not least the PowerColor PowerGene GTS 32MB DDR. Boy that was a mouthful, er handful, well, you get the idea. Go check it out !

An Abit SE6 has been reviewed over at The Tech Zone. This board is based on the 815E chipset.

Insane Hardware has a bunch of good stuff today. First they have another give away. However, this time it's a really good give away. A Duron OC'ed 900, ASUS A7V, an Asus V7100-T GeForce2 MX, and more! To add on to that they have the scoop on the Super Orb from Thermaltake. All I have to say from looking at the pictures is, "WOW!"

A fairly new website called "Ambush!" has a quick page of info comparing an IntelliMouse Explorer and an IntelliMouse Optical. If you don't know the difference, head over there and find out for yourself. Or just go buy a Logitech :p


Dan's Data takes a look at a super slim USB CD writer. This is great for those of you with laptops. Check it out!

The Tech Zone has a review on a hand held vibrator. This is one is very pleasing and should taken into consideration when you're in the market for a .... mouse. So, take a look at The Tech Zone's review of the AVB Vibrating Mouse. I know what you were thinking at first and it is all right, there are places for your kind.

Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical review at JSI Hardware. This is the "middle classs" optical mouse made my Logitech. They have a superior model available that I think is worth forking out the extra cash, especially if you're a gamer.

Inwin Q700 Computer Case Review over at Gaming In 3D. I just bought myself a case but it wasn't this one. Did you need to know that? No. Did I tell you anyway? Yes. Why? I did it because I can/could.

Guru3D has a look at the SideWinder Gamevoice from Microsoft. I was looking at one of the borchures for these a couple of months ago before they came out and it looked pretty cool. Now here is one in the silicon, err, plastic?!?

I am sorry for the lack of news yesterday. I was attending my grandmother's funeral. Everything is good to go again and I'll get back to life as usual.


Hercules just sent me this press release concerning their 3D Prophet II GTS Pro. The link is a press release I have copied and posted into my new press release section.

Kanie Hedgehog 238A review over at Hardware Avenue. It cools stuff down, but how well? I couldn't tell you; but, guess what? They Can!

Virtual Hideout has a quick one page review of the TennMax Lasagna BGA Cooler. They seem to like keeping things short and sweet. If you are considering a cheap and effective way of cooling your system, you should read it.


VIA Hardware has a review on a PowerColor GeForce2 MX card. I've said it before and I'll say it again, these babies kick ass when you overclock the memory.

Like free stuff? Head over to Chicks Hardware and check out their contest. They are giving away a Vapochill Unit. The only catch is you have to think up a creative name for the new range of Super Coolers that will be arriving at CPU-Overclockers in months to come. What are you waiting for go sign up!


Here is the new shirt I just designed that you can pick up in the Xtreme Tek Store. This is a must-have for everyone who overclocks their stuff.
Xtreme Overclocker Shirt
Chicks Dig Xtreme Overclockers

TweakTown has a review of the 2CoolPC. This is not your ordinary 2CoolPC review. Nope, this is a exclusive review on the 2CoolPC Turbo!

Guru of 3D reviewed the KT7 Pro mainboard from Micro Star. They claim it is a "fine Socket-A mainboard to host your AMD Duron or Thunderbird processor." I didn't think companies other than ABIT
made good motherboards... Check out their review to find out why they say it is good.

Yo foolios, anyone in the market for a new video card but only want to spen a little for a little cash? Go check out CPUBurn's latest review on the Gigabyte GA-GF2560 .


Jon and Ben over at Sharky Extreme have a preview on a beta Tyan Trinity motherboard based on AMD's 760 DDR chipset. Those guys even explain what DDR RAM is and throw all sorts of benchmarks at it.

Burning Issues has an article up on how to link two ATX PSU's together. Nice and detailed five pager.

Golden Orb, Chrome Orb and now the Blue Orb. Sure, we've seen pictures of it but TweakTown has a review of it. Enjoy.

PC Citrix takes a look at the ASUS CUV4X. You can house an Pentium III in this sucker and then when the PIII gets really comfortable, you can overclock it's ass.

There is 1GHZ Pentium III Review at Gaming In 3D. 1000 Mhz, if you are looking at that and saying my processor is only 800 MHz below that, you need help.

Does free stuff sound good? I thought so.. TweakTown is celebrating their new forums by giving away a Visiontek GeForce2 MX. These babies hall ass when you overclock the memory.


ViaHardware has a new comparison of nVidia MX cards to Voodoo4 4500's. Looks like with the newer drivers the MX cards pull ahead. Check it out if you want the details.

The GlobalWin VOS32, quite possibly the largest Slot 1/A heatsink available. It also cools the best (in my opinion). If you don't know what I'm talking about and you need some cooling for your PIII or you Slot A Athlon, Gideon Tech has a review on it.

Adrian's Rojak Pot has a L2 Cache Latency guide up. I have not read through this one yet, but will when I get back. If it's anywhere near as good as the last one I read of his, we're doing good.

JSI Hardware has a mini-guide on how to make your own homemade RAM Heatsinks. Pretty good if you have a box full of heatsinks lying around like myself.


TweakTown does a dance with a the CaseAce Gear Grip Pro. Actually, they reviewed it. They danced with it after words, my bad.

Gideon Tech has a couple pictures of memos scanned concerning eMachines containing the Chernobyl Virus. Neat isn't it? I'm sure glad I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

The 51st issue of ZZZ online has been posted. That makes it a year for those guys (if you count the entire week before his first issue). He's added a bulletin board and a little ZZZ history section.

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