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October 2001

Alpha Giveaway!
AtlantaOC is giving away a ALPHA PAL8045 Heatsink. All you have to do is win. Smile So, hurry on over there to try and win that puppy!

Digital Doc 5
OcPrices.com has a review of the oh-so-cool Digital Doc 5. This is the cool temperature monitor that sits in a 5.25 inch drive and looks cool all day. Smile


Intel 845D Chipset
According to The Register, Intel will be releasing the 845D chipset next month, instead of in Q1 2002. The 845D is the DDR version of the 845 chipset and will rival Via's DDR chipset for the P4. We all know about Intel's "launches" though. Go read up on it here.

WinXP and DVD's
Like to watch DVD's? Well then I wouldn't be thinking about buying WinXP. The Register has the scoop on WinXP's compatibility with DVD's. Go read up, pretty interesting.

AtlantaOC has a review up of a new ATA/133 drive! Yep, that is not a typo, that is ATA/133. It seems to perform pretty well too. The review is not that well written and I recommend not clicking on any of his perfomance graphic links because he has them all summarized into one graph at the bottom. So, go check out the Maxtor D740X with ATA/133.


Alpha PAL8045T
A review of the E-CompuVision Alpha PAL8045T HSF Review has been posted at Virtual Hideout. Alpha, staying true to their previous heatsink performance, puts out another great cooler. This review is pretty good in my view. Lots of comparison heatsinks to give the consumer a good grasp of what they are getting when they buy something.

New Delta Fan
TacoNuts has a review up of a new 60mm Delta Fan. This big 60mm fan (in terms of height) moves 50.15CFM, that is insane for a 60mm fan. I guess spinning at 8000 RPMs helps too. Lordy.

Dr. Thermal TI-V77L
Case Junkiez has a review of the Thermal Integration Dr. Thermal TI-V77L. It has an interesting name, I'll give it that. However, you'll have to read the review to find out if it sucks or if it rocks.


Crystal Orb
Explosive PC (like the diarrhea, but without the nasty mess) has a review of the Crystal Orb. It is a pretty good little unit if you ask me, but you have to be willing to give up a PCI slot of you're going to use it.


GeForce3 Roundup
Yep, it safe to say that my GeForce3 is now offically outdated. Why? Well, it is now being called a budget card because they are being replaced by GeForce Ti series of cards. Because of this, HardOCP has done a round up of all the "value card" in their GeForce3 Roundup. There is no real clear seperation in performance in these cards, but one card pulls ever so slightly ahead.

BIOS Wizard
Fast-MHz has a link to something called the BIOS Wizard in their news posts today. Probably worth a look your interested in replacing your BIOS chip. Supposedly, this program will tell you the information you need to know so you know exactly what BIOS chip to buy.


Cool Liquor Box
GideonTech has an article about their Liquor Case Mod. This is probably the craziest case mod ever. If you need to hide alcohol for some reason, I guess this is the way to go. Craziness.


Small LAN PC
Tech-Report has a review on the coolest thing I've seen in a while. They have a review on, what I would call, the coolest LAN Party box ever. Smile The Shuttle SV24 bare-bones system is about as small as they come. This isn't the most powerful computer ever but you should check this out for sure!


Athlon XP 1800+
Active-Hardware has a review of the Athlon XP 1800+. I want to give AMD props for this new chip, but I want to give them the finger for going with the XP naming trend. Smile

Cyberdrive 16x12x40
Radeonic.com has a review of a Cyberdrive 16x12x40 CDR/W. I don't know much about this drive. In fact, I have not even heard of this company prior to receiving and email from Radeonic. So, what I can say is that it may or may not suck. Smile


Lian Li PC626
Overclockers Online has posted a review of the Lian Li PC626 Server Case. Pretty cool server case, I'd take one. Smile The only downside is that they cost a pretty penny.


2 Heatsink Shootout
Legion Hardware has a shootout between the GlacialTech vs. GlobalWIN P4 Coolers. These are both fairly big coolers, but not in fan power. If you bought a P4 then check out this article.

Two Novelty Keyboards
Dan of Dan's Data has a review showing off two novelty keyboards. One is cool looking and the other is one of the flexible keyboards we've been seeing around the net the last couple of years. Both neat, and you haven't seen a "bendy-keyboard" you should definitely click on that link.


Parallel Port LCD
Overclockers Austrailia has a review/guide of a Parallel Port LCD. It's pretty cool, there are other types of LCDs that use serial ports if you don't want to use the parallel port, but if you're like me and your serial ports are used up by a switch and a router, you might want to consider this if you have a USB printer.


Matrix Orbital LCD
OCIA has a review of the Matrix Orbital Graphic LCD. I have posted reviews of this before and they were a little better than this one, but if you haven't seen one yet this is good enough to check out. I personally am thinking about getting one of these but only time will tell (ok, mostly money will tell Smile ).

Female Scientists
I ran across an interesting article about how much female scientists make compared to males. Here's a tid bit from the article:
Salaries for women average about $72,000 compared with $94,000 for men, or almost 31 percent more, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) says. A report on the survey of almost 20,000 life scientists appears Friday in the journal Science.
I'm not trying to start anything, just thought it was interesting read. Go check it out.

Visor Phone
Handspring has released a new line of products designed to intergrate phone capabilities and PDA functionality. All sounds pretty interesting, so go check it out!


Vantec CCK-6027D
More heatsink reviews for you today, this time it is GideonTech. They have a review of Vantec CCK-6027D. I skimmed through the review already, they gave it a pretty good going over, three pages worth. Smile

Fortis A102
The Fortis A102 has been reviewed at OCIA.net. I don't have any experience with this cooler or any of Fortis' coolers. So, I do not know anything about them first hand. I do know that Fortis is fairly new to the mainstream heatsink market so reading the review would probably be a good idea.

Monster Heatsink
IAmNotAGeek.com has reviewed the Swiftech MC462A. If you have not seen a review of this heatsink and fan combo yet, you need too! This thing is a monster and cools like one. If your motherboard has the space for a big HSF like this one, it is worth a look.

ND-8 and ND-12
Atlanta OC has a review of both the ND-8 and ND-12 heatsinks from Evercool. The guy who reviewed it seems to like it, probably worth a look.

Epox 8KHA+
Another review of a motherboard sporting the KT266A is out today. The review of the Epox 8KHA+ is posted at PCHardware.ro. This review will give you the Romanian perspective on the board. Smile

Envy News Reviews
Envy news has a couple of reviews for you today. First the review a mid-tower case, the Antec SX635 Case. If that is not enough for you, they also have some CD-RW goodness in their review of the AOpen CRW1635 CD-RW Drive. If that is not enough, too bad! Smile


Free Round Cables
LittleWhiteDog.com is giving away some round cables and you can't really argue with free.
As many people know by now, Vantec USA has teamed up with it's resellers to sell bundles of rounded cables. All proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Red Cross to help the victims of the September 11th tragedy. LittleWhiteDog has purchased three of these bundles to benefit the cause and are now giving them away! Each bundle contains two rounded 24 inch ATA100 cables, and one rounded 10 inch floppy cable.
That's what he said in his email. Enjoy, you can enter once per day. Here is the link: http://www.littlewhitedog.com/contest.asp


United States Congress is proposing an act that would encourage companies to share secure information with other companies and the government. Scary huh? (Like it hasn't ever happened before.. Smile ) Anyway go check out the article and then DISCUSS IT IN THE FORUMS!! We have 'em so use 'em! Smile

Proud To Be American
Today, October 11, 2001, it has been one month since the horrendous terrorist attacks on America. On behalf of the Xtreme Tek staff I would just like to express our deepest condolences for the families that have lost and to the Bravest men and women we have here still fighting to salvage what is left of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Athlon XP Reviews
It looks like AMD's Athlon XP non-disclosure agreement ended today. How do I know this? Well, because of all the reviews out today.
NewsForge (Linux)
I guess they went with the XP naming convention because they don't want buyers to focus on clock speed as much and focus on performance more. None the less, calling something XP like Microsoft did deserves an ass beating! Smile


AOpen AK77 Pro
TweakersAsylum has reviewed an AOpen AK77 Pro. It's based on the original KT266, so have a look see, I'm sure most people will be waiting for boards with the updated chipset.

LaserBay Mod
GideonTech has a review on a cool case modification product called the LaserBay. It is pretty cool, you can buy it, but after looking at it, I'm sure a lot of you will probably make it yourself. It doesn't look to be that difficult.


SCSI Round Cable
VoidYourWarranty.com has a the first review I've seen of a rounded 68-pin SCSI cable. I know there aren't a lot of you guys out there that have SCSI drives, but I plan on getting one so I read the review. Smile Check it out.

Enermax CS-688AL-01
Case Junkiez has a review of a cool looking aluminum case, the Enermax CS-688AL-01. It is pretty bad ass looking case with some pretty cool features. It is fairly pricey (as are most aluminum cases) but this one might just be worth the high costs.


Iwill KK266plus
OCTools has an exclusive review of the Iwill KK266plus. What's special about this board? Well, a lot actually. The reviewer took the memory to 180MHz (360MHz DDR) and it worked great. The page design isn't the greatest and the benchmarks are not compared to anything, but it's still a decent article. Check it out.

2GHz Penitum 4
Active-Hardware has a comparison of the Intel 2 GHz Pentium 4. I, personally, do not like this comparison very much. I don' think it was done correctly, but you can check it out. The article might be of some use to you.


NetPassage 15-B
Guru3D has posted a review of a DSL/Cable router. It's from a company called Compex and it is called the NetPassage 15-B. Want to know more? Read the review. Smile


Netscape Sucks
This is my site, so, I guess I can do whatever I want. So, today I bring you, Netscape Sucks.

I hate Netscape. It is by far the worst browser every made. Lynx is better and it doesn't even support graphics because it's text based. Why does Netscape suck? Well, as a web coder (I'm sure almost a hundred web pages by now) I have never had a problem with Internet Explorer displaying my code properly and never had it not comply with fairly current standards. It supports XML, CSS2, etc. But Netscape on the otherhand does not. In fact, I could spend 4 to 5 hours hand coding a large site, have it display perfectly in Internet Explorer and have the exact same page, barely even fucking work in Netscape. Yes, that includes 4.7x, and 6.x, it sucks, I hate it and I wish it was never invented. I usually match or exceed the time it takes me to code the regular page, coding just to get it to show up right in nutscrape.

What am I saying? If you have Netscape, you're hurting the internet, and you're giving web developers everywhere, a big fucking headache. "What if I use linux?" you say. Use Konquer, or something OTHER than Netscape. It sucks. Thank you for your time and I hope you don't have Netscape open right now.

17inch KDS
A 17 inch KDS Avitron AV-7TF has been reviewed over at Tweakersasylum today. These monitors have a reputation around here in the XtremeTek labs. Let me just say, it's not favorable. Smile

Max Payne Review
Boomgames.com has a Max Payne Review posted for your perusal. This game seems to be, at the least, semi-popular, which is pretty good in the days of Counter-Strike and Quake 3.


Return to Wolfenstein
Tweaker's Asylum has a page up with a preview of id Sofware's new Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Yes, there are screen shots. Smile This game is going to be a crowd favorite for sure, especially with all us old skool gamers out there.

GeForce3 Titanium
If you don't think your GeForce3 is fast enough, HardOCP takes a look at nVidia's new GeForce 3 Titanium. What the hell is Titanium you say? Just think of it as a GeForce3 Ultra, same concept, new name. Anyway, take a look, increased Core and Memory clockspeeds should be good anyway. Smile

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