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October 2002

Iwill P4ES Motherboard
Did you wake up this morning, rub your eyes and say, "Woman, get me my coffee and a Iwill P4ES i845E Motherboard Review"? If so, you are in luck. PCStats has posted such a review. Now go read it and stop calling your lady friend 'woman', it's just disrespectful.


Political unrest fuels hack threats
ZD Net has an article up entitled: Political unrest fuels hack threats. It's about the record amounts of hacking that are going on right now by pro-Islamic/anti-American fundamentalists. I'd say it's actually a must-read.


Intel Press Release (Storage)
Intel sent out a press release today entitled: "Intel Expands Storage Product Line With Cost-Efficient Building Blocks." I posted a copy of the press release locally so you can take a look at it here. There is a link at the bottom of the pressrelease if you want to know even more.

Flash Memory Stuffs
There are not a whole lot of things in life that get me as excited as flash memory does (har har). So, when I found out that Envy News had reviewed Kingston 6-in-1 Media Reader and the Belkin 32MB USB Flash Drive I had to sit myself and take a breather. Smile

Iwill P4GS i845G
At Xtreme Tek, we like to tell people good news. Today, I have some good news for those of you who have made it a life long goal (or even a short term goal) to read a review an i845G based Iwill motherboard. PCStats.com has reviewed the Iwill P4GS. However, now that you've fulfilled your life long goal, I have no idea what you're going to do next. May I suggest: The Forums?


Crystal LED Fans
Are you into the whole LED fan craze? No? Thinking about jumping aboard the S.S. HippieFan? A good start would be to take a look at these "groovy" LED fans, the E PowerHouse Crystal LED Fans. Actually, to be perfectly honest, these particular LED fans are pretty damn cool. Smile

MP3 Player Shopping?
I've been shopping around for MP3 players lately and if you have been too, you might want to check out the Frontier Labs NEX IIe review over at Bjorn3D. It's a pretty slick looking unit but if you're looking for one of those 20GB MP3 player solutions, look elsewhere. This is a memory card based unit.

Vantec 1U Heatsink
OCIA.net has posted a review of a Vantec cooler, more specifically, the Vantec CCK-6012 1U Heatsink. This is not your run-of-the-mill heatsink/fan combo either. This is very low profile as it appears to be made for 1U racksevers (hence the 1U in the product name).


Cool Case Mod
Want your case to be completely original? Willing to spend a load of cash? Check out this article at ProCooling.com called Pro/LAN. Very professional, but then again, he did have a professional do the hard part (but I don't blame him).


Leadtek Twinforce 2
Hexus.net has taken a look at a product from Leadtek called the Leadtek Twinforce 2. Basically, it's a motherboard and graphics card review but the catch here is that they come bundled together and both components are Leadtek produced.

SkyHawk Jupiter Case
I can't remember if I posted a review of this product before but it doesn't matter because I would post it again anyway. Bjorn3D has taken a look at the SkyHawk Jupiter Aluminum Case. This is a very stylish pre-moded case from SkyHawk and, in my opinion, is cool.


Hexus.net has posted a review of the MSI 648 MAX. The 658 MAX is based on the SiS648/963 chipset. The board performs pretty well and it worth checking out for the performance benchmarks.

Sound Activated Cold Cathode
I've posted reviews of sound activated cold cathode fluorescent lights before, but I figured since I posted it so long ago that you might like a refresher (or just see it for the first time). Smile Anyway, BurnOutPC.com has a review of the Xoxide Sound Activated CCFL. The review even has video with sound to show how good or bad they work.


Three New Zalman Coolers
Zalman released 3 new heatsinks today the CNPS5700D-Cu (Socket 478), VGA Heatpipe Cooler ZM80-HP, and VGA Heatpipe Cooler ZM50-HP. All these products could be said to have innovations that we haven't seen before on products like them. For instance, the VGA Heatpipe coolers sandwich both sides of the video card and have a heat pipe to both sides.


More Free Stuff?
Yes, damn it, MORE FREE STUFF! (pending you get lucky, of course). This time it is a Case Gallery Contest over at OCModShop.com. They have several prizes as well, so there is a decent chance (compared to the lottery) here as well.

Free Stuff
It's free stuff time again, this time it's a Thermaltake Giveaway over at Tweakers Australia. They are giving away a lot of good stuff, so it's definitely worth peaking at if you're feeling lucky. Smile


Vantec EZ.swap MRK-102FD
BurnOutPC has given the Vantec EZ.swap MRK-102FD Removable HDD rack a good going over. These swappable ATA/133 hard drive units are pretty cool but they only do you good if you need one; because, if you don't need one, it just sits there and looks like it should be useful.

PlexCombo 20x10x40x12 DVD Drive and Burner
So, you want to be able to read DVD's, burn CD's, and use CD-RW's but you don't want more than one drive? If so (or you just want to kill some time), check out Review-Shack's review of the PlexCombo 20x10x40x12 DVD Drive and Burner. If not, then you're shit of out luck and you should just probably move down to the next news post. Dude, you're not listening, NEXT POST.

If your computer...
If your computer is too loud: read BurnoutPC's review of Akasa's Sound Dampening Mats.

If your computer is not bright enough: check out ModTown's review of Coolermaster's Neon LED Fans or RipNet's review of the 'Californeon Lightstrip'.

And finally, if none of that interests you, you can always read about Intel getting the shaft in court. Smile


Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3
Want to read a review of the Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3 and, at the same time, chuckle at a guy who insists on using the old English spelling of "centre" even when the software clearly says it's called PlayCenter? Then head on over to OCPrices.com and check out the review. It's a good review; it just made me chuckle.

Radeon 9000 Pro
We have all seen reviews of the oh-so-fast Radeon 9700 Pro. But where is ATI's value card? ATI answers that with the Radeon 9000 Pro. For as little as $84 you can be crusing with some pretty decent performance without breaking the bank.

Titan Aluminum Fan
SubZeroTech.com has managed to use three pages to review the Titan Aluminum Fan. "Three pages," you say? Don't worry! These pages are not even close to full (which makes it worse in my mind). How do you use up three pages on less than a page of text with only two pictures and no performance graphs or statistics? Read this review to find out. Anyway, the fan is cool, kind of...


Another ASUS P4PE Review
In the case that the previous review was not enough information on the new i845 chipset, HardOCP also has a review of the ASUS P4PE. I'm sure there will be plenty more of these reviews to come in the very near future.

i845PE w/ DDR333
Every now and then Intel makes a new chipset (ok, it's actually pretty frequent). Explosive Labs' review of the ASUS P4PE, a brand new board based of the brand new i845PE (which supports DDR333), should give you a pretty good idea of the performance of this board. This chipset has some mixed performance results over previous chipsets but is definitely worth looking at before building your next P4 board.

Epox 8K5A2+ KT333
If you are looking a good KT333 board that will actually function properly, try the Epox 8K5A2+ KT333 review at PC-Arena. EPoX has been around for a while and built up quite a reputation.


More Case Lovin'
In the case that my last post wasn't enough to fulfill your need for case reviews (and bad humor) a review of the Sky Hawk ALP-4350 Case has been posted over at Review Nation. If this doesn't do it for you, try Google you friggin' addict.

AMS G-Mono Midtower Case
The Spanish word for monkey is "mono". So, one might think that a G-Mono is a gangster monkey but he or she would be terribly wrong. When I say G-Mono I am refering to the AMS G-Mono Midtower Case which has been reviewed over at OCIA.net. Smile

ATI Remote Wonder
ATI makes a fairly wide variety of products. TweakNews.net has a review of one of their cooler non-videocard toys, the ATI Remote Wonder. This should be a good one for you gizmo lovers.

Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 PRO
In my opinion, a good video card manufacturer is one that is able to produce a card that beats the performance of the reference card from the graphics chip manufactuer (e.g. nVidia, ATI, etc.). In my experience, Hercules has almost always done this. Overclocker's online has posted a review of another such product from Hercules, the Hercules 3D Prophet 9700 PRO.

Here's a link to a ATI's new Radeon 9700 Pro review at The Tech Zone, if you want to see what a base board from ATI looks like.

Imation FlashGo!
If you're the type of guy/gal that's always on the move and you use a lot of memory card (or maybe not) Bjorn3D has a review that you should read. The review is of the Imation FlashGo! flash memory reader/writer. Defintely worth a look, in my opinion.

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