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November 2001

ATI Radeon 8500
A late review of the ATI Radeon 8500 has been posted up over at Guru3D.com. While this article is late, it is better late than never. I know there are a few of you out there who like to wait until there are a lot of review of a product and then read them all before purchasing and I'm sure some of you haven't seen a review yet. Anyway, enjoy the article. These guys do a pretty good job.

WindowXP Kills
BBspot has yet another hilarious article. This time they expose a Fatal WindowsXP Bug. Now remember kids, this isn't real, so don't go thinking you can fly. Smile Anyway, enjoy!


XP steals bandwidth
The Register has an article entitled WinXP steals your bandwidth. Yep, and there is some pretty decent proof of it as well. Check this article out if you're interested in finding out why WindowsXP steals 20% of your bandwidth.

Professional Bay Bus
GideonTech has a review of the UMaxPC Switching Bay Bus. This is a professionally done bay bus, so it saves you some work in setting it up. Check this out if you're lazy and want something that works. However, if you have the time and building things is fun for you, make one of these yourself. I did, it's fun to do and rewarding.

Liquid Cooled PC
OCTools.com has, what they say, is a world exclusive review of the http://www.octools.com/index.cgi?caller=articles/IOPort/ioport1.html. So, it is probably worth your time to check this out. You might not see another review of it anytime soon. Besides, it is pretty freaking cool!


PCMutants Icehole
I've posted a review of this product before, but this time Virtual Hideout has a review of the PCMutants Icehole. This product is essentially, just for looks, but maybe in some extreme cases, it could increase your performance. Anyway, if you've got a plexiglass window, check this review out.

Light Strip
A Light Strip from Tweakmonster.com has been given a quick one page review of at BurnOutPC.com. There isn't much to be said about a light strip other than what it is. But these guys give you an example of how it could be used.


3 Opti-Mice Review
Dan of Dan's Data has taken a look at 3 Optical Mice. The v3.0 Microsoft mice are included along with the dual sensor mouse from Logitech. I'm not a huge fan of optical mice (gaming reasons) but if you are, check this out.

Hedgehog Type W
Now, there are somethings you must check out. Ripnet's reviw of the Kanie Hedgehog Type W is one of them. This thing is huge. There isn't much comparison, but what they do compare it to (the thermoengine) gets smoked. This thing has two deltas on it, and they are not stacked. Yeah, you know what that means. Smile

16x2 LCD Kit
The guys over at VirtualHideout.com have a review of a 16x2 LCD Kit from CaseEtc.com. This LCD is pretty cool and the software works in a couple different operating systems (All Windows, Linux). So, this might be a cool mod for you Linux gurus.


Asus V8200 Deluxe
An Asus V8200 Deluxe has been reviewed over at Active-Hardware. This is a GeForce 3 based card and it comes with some nifty gadgets, such as 3D Glasses. Check it, foo'.

ECS K7S5A Review
OCPrices.com has a review of a ECS K7S5A which sports the SiS 735 chipset. This is absolutely a "must read*quot; if you are looking for a value board. It's very cheap and has an onboard sound and network interface.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy your time with your family and friends (if that's how you celebrate it). A special mention goes out to those who lost someone because of the events of September 11th and God bless America!

Case Badge Lighting
The Tech Zone is sporting a new look (they probably have been, I just haven't been there in a while) and a review on a Case Badge Lighting Mod from PCMods. If you're one of those guys who likes to mod everything under the sun, check this out.


Water Block Preview
GideonTech has a Luefken Water Block Preview over on their site. Leufken is pretty famous for making some bad ass products. These should definitely be something the water coolers out there should be looking forward too.

Audigy Platinum
Guru3D.com has a review of the new(ish) SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum. I hear this is a pretty good product, but people with VIA chipsets beware, I've heard some very bad things about SoundBlaster products mixed with VIA recent VIA Chipsets.


VIA P4X Chipset
RDRAM is not like for a number of reasons (by some). One of these is cost. The Via P4X chipset takes care of this problem by giving P4 owners a solution that will let them use PC133 SDRAM. So, if this sounds interesting, check out the review at VIA Hardware for more information.

CD Burner Roundup
Prices are falling everywhere. These price drops do not exclude CD-RW drives by any means. If you want to take advantage of the low market prices and still want to get the best, check out IAmNotAGeek.com's 16x CD Burner Roundup.

GeForce3 Ti200
An Inno3D Tornado GeForce3 Ti200 has been reviewed over at TweakersAsylum.com. Definitely worth a look if you're not interested in paying top dollar, but still want good performance.

Aluminum Cases
Looking to buy a new Aluminum case? Want to get the best one on the market? Well, you're in luck! GideonTech has just posted their Aluminum Case Roundup for your viewing pleasure.

K7N420 Pro (nForce)
HardOCP has a review of the MSI K7N420 Pro. This is a preview of the new MSI board sporting the new chipset from nVidia, the nForce. Steve did this review and I think he did a good job on it.

Swiftech Watercooling
Voidyourwarranty.net has a review posted of a complete Swiftech Watercooling Kit. Swifttech makes some very high quality stuff. If you're interested in getting into the water cooling scene, check this kit review out.


Skyhawk Case Mod
Voidyourwarranty.net has an article up about the modding of a Skyhawk aluminum case. Nothing to impressive, but definitely an idea if you have none of your own or want to know how to do a case mod like this.


Volcano 7
PimpRig.com has a review of the Volcano 7 from ThermalTake. This HSF has a thermally controlled fan, so it should be good for you guys who want a really quiet case. There is no comparisons to other heatsinks, so you can't see the performance penalty for having the thermally controlled fan (I hate reviewers who do that). So, if your curious as to how it performs compared to other heatsinks, you're out of luck.

Dynatron DC1206BM-L
GideonTech as review of a heatsink/fan combo, the Dynatron DC1206BM-L. I have not read this review yet, I will in a bit, but you're on your own on this one.


PC-1066/1200 Rambus
PC-1066 and PC-1200 RDRAM has been given a look over at HardwareAnalysis.com. This this is the first I have seen of this so far, probably worth a look if you're curious as to what Rambust is up too. Smile

TH7-II RAID Review
Active-Hardware has a review of the TH7-II RAID from ABIT. All I know is that I'm STILL waiting for my response from ABIT's technical support as to why my IDE1 is still all screwy on my KG7-R even after the fix the BIOS flash was supposed to implement. ABIT sure likes trying to drive me crazy.


Arctic Alumina
LittleWhiteDog.com has a review of the newest thermal compound from Arctic Silver Inc., Arctic Alumina. This products is supposed to fit into the budget market and it cools just as well as Arctic Silver II.

Fuzzy Bunny Probe
Want a good laugh? Take a look at Live PC's video guide: Build A Temperature Probe. This "bad-ass howto" will provide you with such valuable information as "metal is a conductor" told to you buy a guy wearing fuzzy bunny ears. The best part about this guide is that I don't think they're intending to be this funny. Sorry if I offened anyone at LivePC, but I got a good laugh at this video.


Fan Painting? Yea...
CaseJunkiez has posted a guide on how to paint your, get this, fans. I guess if you have a lot of spare time, this might be something you try. It surely doesn't increase your performance any. Smile If you're interested in painting your case fans or any fans, head on over to CaseJunkiez.com

VIA P4M266
Legion Hardware has a review of VIA P4M266 Chipset. The reviewer is comparing the chipset to the new nForce chipsets from nVidia.

Microsoft comes out of the closet
Yes Microsoft has finally admitted that Linux is the true enemy. Glad Linux has finally reached that high of a level. Thanks to the Reg for hooking us up with the good info.


Heatsink Reviews
I have a couple of heatsink reviews for you today. First, RipNet-UK has a review of the Dr. Thermal TI-77V from Thermal Integration. Also, Virtual Hideout takes a look at the Vantec CCK-6035D, which happens to be copper (if that matters to you). Enjoy!

Virtual Hideout has an article up with possibly the coolest mod I've seen all month. It is a NIC LED Modification and it moves your NIC "lights" up the the front of your case (or wherever you want). It looks pretty cool, I'm sure you network guys will appreciate this. Smile

We're Back!
Our server is finally back up. Sorry for any inconviences if you were trying to reach the site, believe me when I say I was very angry and the downtime the spanned far more than the predicted time. Anyway, we're happy to be back up.


Down Time
Xtreme Tek will be down for about 24 hours starting at 5:30 EST, 8:30 PST. Our servers are being moved to a different location, sorry if this causes any confusion for anyone or is an inconvenience. We should be back up tomorrow arround the same time, but it could be a little later than that.

Last time we posted an review on ATA/133 Atlanta OC had put together a review on it. This time it is Hardware Analysis with their review of the Maxtor's D740X and ATA-133. (It is kind of an all in one thing as this is the only hard drive that supports it (as of now, I think)).


Prophetview 720
Dan of Dan's Data has yet another review out. This time he takes a look at the Hercules Prophetview 720. This is the 15" LCD monitor that Hercules started offering a short while ago. It looks snazzy, I plan on trying to get one of these units to review myself.

Dr Thermal TI-S86
A Dr. Thermal TI-S86 has been given the once over at OCPrices. This is the successor to the Dr Thermal TI-V77. Do you remember that cooler? Neither do I, but I hear it was pretty good. Smile

DIY Case Badge
Overclockers Intelligence has a review of a DIY Case Badge Kit. These are pretty cool if you have some artistic talent and want to make your own case badge. Check it out, even if you don't know what a case badge is, because this guide will show you.


HardOCP Stuffs
HardOCP has been pretty busy. They two things for your reading pleasure. The have a heatsink compound shootout and a review of Shuttle's KT266A. Which, I almost got but opted not to because of the onboard audio. Worth a look for sure if you're looking for a board for your new Athlon XP.

Wireless Optical Stuff
Dan's Data has a review of both the Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical and Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer. That is a lot of wireless stuff and optical to boot. All the products look pretty damned cool if you ask me.


Dr. Thermal TI-V77
A Dr. Thermal TI-V77 has been reviewed over at Radeonic.com. I haven't read the review so I honestly have no idea what this thing is. I imagine it is some kind of cooler. Smile


OCZ Dominator 2
3DGameMan.com has a OCZ Dominator 2 Cooler Video Review posted up on their site. So, if you can't read about the OCZ Dominator 2 because you can't read, you can always watch information about it. Smile

HardwareAnalysis.com has a review posted today on the ECS P4IBMS i845. This is a Pentium 4 board based on the i845 chipset (in case you couldn't tell from the name) and it seems to be getting lots of reviews of it this week.

XP is a Threat
Former Federal Agents are calling Windows XP a threat to national security.
Michael Anderson, president of New Technologies, says data "scrubbing" features in Windows XP Professional will make it impossible for federal agents and law enforcement to find and reconstruct digital evidence buried on computers, particularly those seized from terrorists
Here is a link to the article link to the article. I personally think this guy took the wrong approach, but whatever. Smile

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