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December 2000

Duron vs Celeron
Extreme Overclocking has pitted foe against foe in their latest article: Duron vs Celeron. Sure, it's not the greatest title but it gets the job done and so does the article.

Motion Blur Benchmark
The-Ctrl-Alt-Del has some motion blur benchmarks up. The nice thing about it is that there wasn't a single 3Dfx product involved. Smile


Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200 5.1
The Tech-Gods have a review up on the Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200 5.1 speakers. They don't seem to bad for only $130.

Razer Boomslang 2000
EXHardware has a new review posted. It covers the Razer Boomslang 2000. I really want to get a hold of one of these and try it out, personally.


$ex & Marketing
Does sex sell? Yes, of course it does... just ask WebMasterP's roommate. Smile I guess AltaVista is now in the market for some racy banners. Here's a tid bit from the article:
Last week, Bloomberg News reported that porno distributor Private Media Group will post banner ads on the AltaVista search engine.

Go read up, anything to do with sex is always intriguing.

Chopsticks as Tools
Frank over at Gaming In 3D has a very small guide to show you how to use chop sticks to remove or add heatsinks. This is good to know, especially if you're like me and you've spent numerous hours screaming at you heatsink.


Wind Tunnel Plus
The Zone of Techage (AKA: The Tech Zone) has a reviewed yet another premodified case. The Wind Tunnel Plus is the name of the case they have reviewed but I don't the Tech Zone thinks it's very &plus.&

[H]ard Stuffs
HardOCP has a guide and a review up. Apparently, Kyle got tired of people asking him how to overclock. So, he wrote a little article entitled: Video Card Overclocking How-To. Moving on, they have reviewed a Socket A board from MSI. The K7T Pro 2 is a revision by MSI (at least, that's what I've come to believe). BiZ, the reviewer, seems to like. Neat.

Maxi Sound MUSE
Techno Yard has a review of Guillemot's offering in the sound card market. They reviewed the Guillemot Maxi Sound MUSE. I'm a Sound Blaster man myself. But, I won't pass judgement on this one since I haven't ever used it.

Egghead.com, Hacked
Egghead.com executives scrambled Friday to gauge how much of its 3.7-million-customer database had been stolen by intruders during an online theft, which experts believed happened the day before. Go read up, stuff like this is always interesting.


Gigabyte GA-6OXE
Hardware Central has a review of the Gigabyte GA-6OXE Motherboard. It is of the 815EP persuation. 815EP? What's that? It's Intel's newest chipset and it is supposed to perform up to snuff with the BX chipset. I believe Gigabyte is the first one out the door with a product to represent this new chipset.

Windows Dual Boot
Guru3D has a Win9x/Win2k dual boot guide up. Dual booting is fairly easy and the only think I would recommend is seperate partitions for each OS.


Enermax 330W PSU
The Savage Zone has a review up of the Enermax Whisper 330W PSU. Enermax makes some good stuff. In fact, I should be getting my Enermax PSU here today.

Adrian's Rojak Pot has released what they are calling "Definitive Review Of The ASUS E612 DVD-ROM." Why they'er calling it the definitive review, I have no idea. Why their site is called Adrian's Rojak Pot, once again, I have no idea.


Copy protection in Hard Drives?
The Register has an article up on how future hard drives might have copy protection, like the protection found in DVDs. Here is the article a good read but a little on the dry side.

Thermaltake Super Orb Cooler
X-bit labs has posted Thermaltake Super Orb Cooler Review. Go read up if you're interested.

Web Bugs
Do bugs give you the creeps? Then you may want to read up. A privacy group is testing software that will let consumers know when they are being tracked by invisible Web bugs. Sounds pretty funny to me... but if you're concerned you may want to go check it out.

Disney's Lawsuit
Walt Disney and its ESPN and ABC units have been accused in a federal lawsuit of infringing technology for interactive TV. Sounds bad, go check it out. It's always fun to hear about the goody-goodies getting nailed. Smile

Amazon Outlet Store
Like to shop? If you said yes, this may be the news for you. The e-commerce giant is testing Amazon.com Outlet, an online store the company hopes to use to move out overstock and discontinued items. Sounds convenient for the avid shopper, go check it out.

Kriz Virus
"Kriz," a year-old computer virus, may be coming back for Christmas this year, thanks to its ability to piggyback on other viruses and spread with them. So if you're terrified of viruses you may want to go and read up... and even if you're not it may be a good idea to be in the know.

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays, for all of you out there celebrating that is. Smile


Smuggled PlayStation2's
A gray market maverick has sneaked Sony's Play Station 2's into the UK from a "secret location" in Northern Europe, and supermarket chain Tesco is selling them. They are the first being sold in the UK before Christmas, neat huh.

Prepaid Internet Access
Has anyone out there ever used a calling card? If you said yes, then using a prepaid internet access card will be no problem for you. Yes that's what I said... a prepaid internet access card. If you're interested in more info on this marvelous product go check it out. Smile


Battle of the Gigs!
Thinking about building that new rig soon? But you haven't decided on to go with Intel or AMD? Hardware OC compares AMD's Thunderbird and Intel's P3 at 750, 800, and of course 1000MHz.


2CoolPC Turbo
If you remember (most likely you don't), I reviewed a couple of products from South Bay Engineering a while back, the 2CoolPC and the 2CoolPC Plus. Well, now they have the 2CoolPC Tubro. It has a faster fan than that Plus model; in fact, the Turbo moves 10 cubic of air more per minute than the Plus. Well, rather than tell you all about it here, why don't you go over to SystemLogic and read their review on the 2CoolPC Turbo.

WingMan Force 3D
Gaming In 3D has a review on a joystick, the kind you use for gaming. Smile Frank review the LogiTech WingMan Force 3D. I have the same joystick myself and it works mighty fine for the price.

PlexWriter 12/10/32A
The Tech Zone has a review of the PlexWriter 12/10/32A. This is the E-IDE interface (denoted by the A in 12/10/32A). Slugo has one of these bad boys and he likes it a lot.

Hercules 3DProphet II Pro
HardwareCentral has a review of the Hercules 3D Prophet II Pro. These puppies are not as fast as the Ultras, but then, the Pro series doesn't carry a $500 price tag. Besides, with a little overclocking, this puppy is almost as fast as the Ultra.


MP3's - An Open Letter
LittleWhiteDog has a new editional posted called "MP3's - An Open Letter." Sounds interesting to say the least, talks about alot of current issues today. They definetly have some good points and ideas in there.

Get Started with C++
Do you want to learn to code? More specifically, do want to learn to code in C++? Well, House Of Help is a good place to start. They posted chapter one on their C++ guide and they just posted chapter two. If you want to start coding, the sooner the better.

AOpen AK73 Pro
VIA Hardware gave the AOpen AK73 Pro Motherboard the once over and lived to tell about it. This board is based on the VIA KT133 chipset, so it should be good read for you people looking to get into the Socket A madness.

Mod Your DVD Drive
Did you ever think about making a see through window on your DVD-ROM Drive? I know I didn't. Well, the psychos at Chick's Hardware have are guide on how to do just that, put a Window in a DVD Drive. Crazy.

Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1
Looking for an awesome sound card? The Tech-Gods have a review on the Creative Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1.


Elsa Gladiac 2 GTS
JSI Hardware has a review up of the Elsa Gladiac 2 GTS. This a powerful card for sure, it's just going to cost you a pretty penny and Elsa's stuff is generally pretty expensive as it is.


OCZ MX Vid Card
VIA Hardware has review the Overclockerz Store GeForce 2 MX. This bad boy comes ready to OC. It has a Blue Orb and some rocking 5.5ns memory.

Alpha PAL6035
Extreme Overclocking has review the famous and sometimes very hard to get Alpha PAL6035. Pretty good cooler, but there are better.


D-Link DSC-350 Camera
Mr.PCPro has a review of the D-Link DSC-350 Digital Camera. It looks like it pretty much sucks. So, if you want to know what camera not to buy, click the link.

FrontX Review
The Savage Zone (The place to go if your savage), has a review of the FrontX CPX Multimedia Ports. These are quite useful, especially if you have to switch from headphones to speakers a lot.

System Blower FC-2000-B Reviewage
Hey guys LittleWhiteDog has just released a review of the System Blower FC-2000-B by AOC. This particular case cooler has been around for quite some time now, but appears to do such a great job at lowering ambient case temperature, they thought it deserved a second look. Also the LWD has a contest they are giving away a SMC USB 10/100 NIC, probably useful for a spare NIC when throwing a LAN party.


nVidia Buys 3Dfx!!!!
While it fairly obvious 3Dfx was going down, I didn't think nVidia would buy them out this soon. Yep, I said nVidia bought 3Dfx! I'd post the new releases but Kyle at HardOCP already did. You'll get both companies' press releases and a small commentary from Kyle. Later 3Dfx, thanks for all your effort; hopefully all your hard work will be better used at nVidia.


Linksys BEFSR41
Linksys BEFSR41. Sounds like something I a guy at a bar pucked up for breakfast but in fact the BEGSR31 is a Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router and Guru3D has reviewed it.

The 292-3333 Case
For free stuff call 292-3333, err... wait, that's the name of a computer case, not a phone number. No, really! The Tech Zone has a review of the AMK 292-3333 and it's actually a very nice case. Take a look, especially if you've been hunting around for the perfect "pre-modified" overclocking case.


Cyclone 5000 Ultra
The Tech Zone has reviewed the Cyclone 5000 Ultra. This is second time we've posted a review on this this case within a few days. But, we figured you could use at least two opinions.

Athlon DDR vs SDR
Dan's Data has an article up, which he titled "AMD 1.2GHz Athlon with DDR memory." He pits a 1.2 GHz Tbird with PC2100 RAM against a P4 1.5 GHz system and 1.155 GHz Tbird with regular old SDRAM. a must read if you're in the market for any of these chips.


The Claw
The guys at Case Modders Austrailia have a review of the The Claw FPS game controller. This baby is quite wierd looking but these guys seem to like it.

ID Mouse
Have a bad memory? Always forgetting all of your passwords? Then this product is for you. This mouse supposedly remembers fingerprints. Here's a tid bit from the article:
Called the ID Mouse, the device uses biometrics to take advantage of the unique features of people's fingerprints. German electronics maker Siemens, which showed off the ID Mouse this week at the ITU Asia Telecom 2000 fair, said the device works by allowing pre-authorized people to retrieve information from their PCs or laptops.

Go check it out, sounds pretty neat.

Killing for Cash
Ever want to play Quake III for money? Find yourself a tournament and you just might get lucky. If you're good, you could be racking in about $100,000 per tournament like this guy, Jonathan 'Fatlity' Wendel. These guys are getting flown all over the country just to play Quake... is that a dream job come true or what! Smile Go ahead, read on you know you want to.


Shopping Bots
Are you at a loss when it comes to shopping over the internet? Then a shopping bot may be what you need... especially if you're in the market for a new Play Station 2. However, these bots have been the cause of quite a few recent site stalls and crashes. Try it if you dare.

AD Technology Patent
The free Internet service provider receives a patent on its technology for displaying online advertisements outside of a Web browser window. Go check it out, it seems as if this patent isn't worth much anyhow.

Paying to Play
In a setback for broadcasters, the U.S. Copyright Office rules that Clear Channel Communications and other radio companies must for pay extra putting music on the Internet. Boy oh boy, they can charge you for anything these days... geez. Smile


ACS54 Speaker Review
The Savage Zone has a Altec Lansing ACS54 Speaker Review posted. These are the same speakers I got for my girlfriend's computer. They are very inexpensive and effective.

Cyclone 5000 Mid ATX Case
The Cyclone 5000 Mid ATX Case is available now and Virtual Hideout has the review. They say "A little Pricey for a mid-tower," but in reality it is VERY pricey. This thing costs about $160. In comparison, my full tower was only $130! If you have the money though, this case looks good.


PC Tote Review
Rob over at the Savage Zone has posted his PC Tote Review. These seem to be pretty popular lately. Personally, I just drilled four holes in the top of my case and stuck a handle on it. Smile

Mouse Bungee
Guru of 3D has a review on the Mouse Bungee. If you haven't heard or seen one of these yet, you should check this out. It's a cheap little device and is pretty useful.

Case Gallery VH
Virtual Hideout now has over five HUNDRED submissions to their case gallery! I remember back when there were close to a dozen. Time sure flies when people get crazy ideas. My case is even on there from a while ago. Check it out on page two.


Lack of News
You might have noticed a lack of news yesterday. This is due to two things: 1) Finals, 2) Setting up the Offical Xtreme Tek Counter Strike Server. Expect the Counter Strike server to make it's premier here in a day or two!

Soyo SY-7ISA
Active-Hardware has a review of the Soyo SY-7ISA. It is based on the Intel 815E chipset, and supports ATA/100.


The Wind Tunnel Plus
Rob over at Savage Zone has just posted his review of The Wind Tunnel Plus. It is definitely good for you gys who want blow holes, but don't want to do it yourself.

LazyMan Case Mod
The Tech Zone has an article up entitled The $5.13 Lazy Man's Case Mod. They buy $5.13 worth of supplies and cool their system down 9 degrees Farenheit. That's a pretty snazzy number for a little over $5!

Remove your capcitators
Those crazy folks over at IpKonfig decided to be crazy and rip off a few capacitors on there motherboard. Does all this senseless destruction serve a purpose? Of course, so you guys can fit those ORBs on your board. They of course put them back on, just in a different place so you guys can have your cooling.

KT7 Pro 2
Overclocking.dk has a review of the MSI KT7 Pro2. They seemed to like it but they didn't notice to many changes from the KT7 Pro. Go check it out!


Extend Battery Life
Do you use hand held devices that require batteries? Are you tired of having to constantly buy new batteries? Then head on over to Adrian's Rojak Pot and learn how! They have posted their battery extender guide. It's a build it yourself device, so most of you should get a kick out of that. Go check it out already... don't let those batteries die!


Fake Jobs
A New Yorker piece by an Internet impostor is the talk of Silicon Valley, but Luminant isn't laughing. You guys have to go check this out... the guy that wrote this article about how he mooched off of a .com consultant company for three weeks and no one noticed. Smile Go read up, you'll be glad you did.

VIA KT133A Chipset
VIA Hardware has a article up concerning the VIA KT133A Chipset. What's the A for? Well, as some of us do and don't know, AMD will have 133 FSB Chips out soon (266 DDR). The KT133A supports these chips without making you buy the DDR RAM. However, if I'm going to upgrade, I know I'm going to get the DDR Memory for sure.

Metal Gear Solid
The Game Den has reviewed Metal Gear Solid. That's right, it's out for the PC now. I hope it's better than it was on the playstation, because then it would be really awesome.


1.2 GHz TBird 4 Free
For a limited time, you can win a 1.2 GHz AMD Thunderbird proccessor. The only problem is that it comes to you as a keychain. Smile Head on over to HardOCP for all the contest details.

Election Hearing Online
In an unprecedented move, the U.S. Supreme Court invites a Web audience to listen in on the ultimate legal dogfight between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush. This is odd considering past court rules... but hey anything goes these days... To check out the actual viewing go here.

The ECS P6ISM-II i815E has been reviewed over at Active-Hardware. This is the board that a lot of people have been waiting for (that was sarcsim, bitter sarcasim). Definitely not the world's most anticipated motherboard, but it might be good for a mom and pop's computer.

2000 is supposedly going to be the best year for e-commerce. People this holiday season are spending more online this year than any other year, according to those fabulous researchers. So, join the crowd and go spread some holiday cheer and spend online!

Free Kevin!
Hacker, Kevin Mitnik, was released after spending 5 years in prison for being a hax0r. For a little cash Kevin is selling his autographed prison card and bumper stickers that read FREE KEVIN. Smile Man, anyone can sell anything these days. To check out the article go here. To check out the auction come on over here.


New Socket CPU HSF
Case Modders Australia have got a review up of the Titan Majesty twin orb HSF. Interesting looking design, but it's clear it's going to have heat dissipation problems. If you have any experience in heat dissipation, you're going to realize by the layout and fan placement that the fan has little to no use.

60th ZZZ Online
The 60th Issue of ZZZ Online has been posted. This issue: aunching rockets without fuel, another 3D display, spy digital camera, and hopping robots. Always interesting.. well, except for this one issue, but we won't talk about that.


1.1GHz T-bird Contest
HardCoreWare is giving away an entire 1100 MHz Thunderbird system. No monitor, but I don't think I'd complain if I won. It's made up of an Athlon 750@1100 "Blue Core" CPU, Thermal Take Super Orb, Abit KT7-RAID Motherboard, 128 MB Micron PC133 SDRAM, etc.


Big Blue says it can make encryption twice as fast. But the company hyped a similar advancement years ago; experts say that idea didn't amount to much, and this one won't either. Geez... give the guys a chance. Smile If you'd like to read more about this topic... you know what to do, so do it!

Internet Piracy
Publishers put electronic padlocks on their wares to curtail Internet piracy, but that protection may hurt consumers who play by the rules and buy legitimate products. Go read up, it sound's like they're digging themselves into a deeper hole with this 'so called' protection. Besides, I didn't know people actually bought this stuff... Smile

Welcome to December! 25 days 'till Christmas. Get those list started. You can start by adding one of these to your list Gigabyte's GA-GF2000 (as reviewed by Active-Hardware). This is, of course, a GeForce 2 GTS based card and is rather fast. I hope someone in you immediate familiy is willing to fork over that much dough for you.

Ratpad Review
Just in case you haven't heard of a Ratpad, (in which case, I would assume you're new to the hardware scene) Savage Zone has a review on just that, a [H]ardOCP Ratpad. If you read our in house review of the Ratpad, you must realize that I didn't like the rough, abrasive edge on the pad. However, [H]ardOCP has fixed this, and I would say both pad are equal or near to equal.

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