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February 2002

Odd Product Reviews
These products aren't exactly "odd", but they're not something I usually post about. EXHardware has taken a look at a Rode NT1000 Studio Microphone. So, if you are in the market for a studio microphone, you know where to start. Smile Secondly, Stomp Click 'N Design 3D has been reviewed over at Tuplay. The review has many pages with a small amount of text (I like to call it page spamming) and the reviewer seems to like Bjork, so you're on your own. Smile

Tricked PC-61
OCIA has a posted an article about their Laser Etched, Anodized PC-61. I don't like what they did to do the drives. The paint job (on the drives) is really sloppy and I don't like the laser etching. However, this is just my opinion, I'm sure many of you will find this article very interesting. After all, the purple inerts of the case are very cool looking.


Cooling 4 All
OCIA has taken a look at a CPU cooler, the Swiftech MCX370-0A while Tweakers.com.au has taken a look at a memory cooler, the Thermaltake Active Memory Cooling Kit. I bet you're just all giddy and filled with glee now. Smile

AOpen AK77 Plus
An AOpen AK77 Plus has been given a good picking over at Active-Hardware. This is a socket A board based on the KT266A chipset. I just thought I'd let you know so you Intel guys don't waste your time like you have wasted your money. Smile (heh, I'm sure that offended someone, send flames here: idontcare@flameshere.com)

P4 Heatsink Roundup
BlargOC has just posted a Pentium 4 Heatsink Roundup. This is a pretty good round up and covers a bunch of heatsinks. Here is a list: Coolermaster DI4-7H53D, Globalwin WBW76, Intel Stock Cooler, Swiftech MCX478, Tennmax Lasagna, ThermalTake Volcano 478 and the Vantec WC-6040. Enjoy! Smile


Lazer LEDs
ExtremeOC.com has posted a Lazer LEDs Review up on their site. These are pretty cool for easy modding. However, you could make your own pretty easily.

MS Security Hole
Another security hole has been found in IE. This time it is a buffer overflow. Check it out here: http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-2002-04.html. Also, if you haven't done a Windows update in the past week or two, you should definitely do that, there are a bunch of new updates.


OCTools has some P4 Motherboard lovin' for you in their ABIT BD7-RAID review. The reviewer really likes the board, but the question is, will you?

802.11b Adapter
Belkin has a Wireless 802.11b Adapter and Virtual Hideout has reviewed it. These are great for you guys who don't want to buy two wireless NICs (one for your laptop and one for your home PC) because your cheap or too poor. Smile

Active RAM Cooling
For those of who like to over do your cooling, OCIA has a review of the ThermalTake Active Memory Cooling Kit. This might really be useful for you guys who are overclocking with locked multiplier CPUs (overclocking the FSB) and notice your RAM feeling the burn from doing so.


Cool Fan Grills
BurnoutPC has just posted their review of the some Laser Cut Fan Grills. Some of these are pretty cool looking. So, if you're into easy case modding, you should give these a looking at.


Google Pay-for-Play
Here's an article about how Google is starting a Pay-For-Play program.
The program, called AdWords Select, ranks ads based partly on how much an advertiser pays and partly on popularity, or click-through rates. AdWords Select requires advertisers to pay only when a visitor clicks on the ad.
It doesn't sound too bad, but you should check out the article for more detail.

New Review
I have posted a new review today. I reviewed BackUp MyPC from Stomp Inc. It is a a pretty cool product and you should definitely check out the review. It's the first time I've reviewed software that wasn't a game. Smile


Watercooled Xbox
This was way too good not to post. HardOCP has water cooled a Xbox. Steve did a really good looking job on it too. I have an Xbox, but I'm not about to go and do this too it. Well, I would if I had a little more money. Smile

Video Card Reviews
I got a bunch of videocard reviews for you guys today.

The X-Micro Impact 440 has been given a picking over at Legion Hardware. BlargOC has taken a look at the Creative 3D Blaster GeForce3 Titanium 200. Finally, the HardwareZone has reviewed the Leadtek A170 DDR T.

The KT333 Chipset
The KT333 Chipset has been offically announced the KT333 and there are a couple reviews of it already. HardOCP has taken a look and so has VIA Hardware. I have read both reviews and here is WebMasterP's advice: Don't buy a board based on it. Why? Well, besides that the performance is lackluster, VIA has a habit of treating their chipsets like software. They typically release a initial version of a chipset (KT133, KT266) and then come out with a better non-buggy, more stable version a couple months later (KT133A, KT266A). Now, this wouldn't be a big deal, if we were talking about software. We're not, however. We are talking about $100 investments for motherboards. In this case you'd probably have to buy PC2700 RAM as well. Anyway, that's my thoughts, take them or leave them.


Get Real
The Register has a pretty ridiculous story up about a woman who tried to auction herself off on internet auction site. She went for a good amount, but unfortunately the guy who bought her didn't know what she was talking about. Check out the article over at The Register.

Molecular Circuits
Now this is truly interesting, EETimes has an article about molecular circuit progression. In their article "Researchers close to delivering molecular circuits," the author talks about general advancements in the field and specific advancements and patents by Hewlett-Packard (among others).


Carmack says...
Don't buy a GeForce4-MX if you want to play Doom! We'll that's the gist of what John Carmack said on the 11th of this month.
The fragment level processing is clearly way better on the 8500 than on the Nvidia products, including the latest GF4. You have six individual textures, but you can access the textures twice, giving up to eleven possible texture accesses in a single pass, and the dependent texture operation is much more sensible. This wound up being a perfect fit for Doom, because the standard path could be implemented with six unique textures, but required one texture (a normalization cube map) to be accessed twice. The vast majority of Doom light / surface interaction rendering will be a single pass on the 8500, in contrast to two or three passes, depending on the number of color componentsin a light, for GF3/GF4 (*note GF4 bitching later on).
Get the article over at webdog.org.

1.8GHz Northwood
OCAddiction has a taken a look at the P4 1.8GHz Northwood and then they overclocked it. By how much? You'll have to read the review to find out. Sorry, telling you by how much they overclocked it might save you some time and saving you time would not feed your internet addiction.


AMD on Course
Today we find out that AMD is on course, on the Golf Course I should say. Apparently, today AMD has announced their ‘Extreme Performance’ Golf Team. Kinda funny, don't get me wrong, golf is fun, I just can't afford the clubs. Smile

UWB is a Go
I was just surfing around at EETimes and I saw this article that will be good news for you bandwidth freaks. The article, "FCC gives cautious nod to ultra-wideband", talks about the the FCC giving Ultra Wideband the go ahead, but it also talk about so of their concerns as well.


MSI nForce Mobo
BlargOC has a review of a the MSI K7N420 Pro which a nForce chipset based motherboard. This has been reviewed a couple times before, but if you haven't seen a review of a nForce based motherboard you should check this out so you can see the performance.


Lian-Li PC35
If you haven't seen a review of the Lian-Li PC35 aluminum case yet, now is the time. Be warned, if you don't have some money, you're going to be forced to drool. Smile

GeForce4 MX Action
EXHardware has some GeForce4 MX440 action for you today. They have taken a look at a Inno3D Tornado GeForce4 MX 440. On a unrealted note, I went to BestBuy and while I was checking out the Klipsch ProMedia 5.1's (drool!) I notice there was only one GeForce4 MX left on the shelf. I guess they're selling good.

GlobalWin TAK68
Tweakers.com.au has another article up today. This time it's a review of the GlobalWin TAK68 which is GlobalWin's dual fan heatsink. It performs pretty well so it's probably worth a look for you overclockers out there.


Heat Sinks Galore
We have a couple HSF review for you guys to peruse. First off, EXHardware has given the Thermaltake Crystal Orb a good picking over. If that doesn't grab your attention, you can take a look at the GlobalWin TAK58. If you liked the CAK38 you'll probably want to give this review a glance. I just liked the CAK38 because of the way CAK sound when you try and pronounce it. Smile

Guru3D doesn't just review View Cards, no! They review 3D sound too. They have taken a look at the MuseXL from Hercules. This is worth a look for you cheap bastards out there.

TT Volcano 7+
Some Tweakers from Austrailia have taken a look at the Volcano 7's predicessor, the Thermaltake Volcano 7+. The Volcano 7 was a pretty good heatsink so it's newest brother must be good too... right?

Multi-Card Reader
If you ever get agitated because you have to use multipe types of card readers for your different memory cards, Dan's Data has the product you've been looking for. He's taken a look at the EagleTec's ET-FPTM USB memory card reader-writer. This thing will read CompactFlash, SmartMedia and MultiMediaCard. Exciting? Maybe for you. Smile

Arctic Silver 3
Review #510,102,189 of Arctic Silver 3 has been posted. Well, I'm sure the review count isn't nearly that high but it's still up there. Anyway, if you haven't seen a review of Arctic Silver 3 yet, you can check one out over at OCIA.net.

Globalwin YCC8870
GideonTech has given the Globalwin YCC8870 a good looking over and have posted their findings. These are pretty good cases from what I hear by word of mouth. But we all know how word of mouth is sometimes.


Handspring Treo 180
Wanna cellphone or a PDA? How about both? Better yet, how about both in one? Well, if that sounds good to you, you should definitely check out the HardwareZone's review of the Handspring Treo 180. There are several modifications to the typical PDA part of the package (e.g. no graffiti, instead there is a miniature keyboard) so if you're interested, you should check out this review before you order. Smile

Philips Acoustic Edge
A Philips Acoustic Edge PSC706 PCI sound card has been reviewed over at Active-Hardware. Recently, Philips has been making quite a run for themselves in the sound card market and produced some pretty high quality stuff. So, if you're looking for a new sound card to replace your Sound Blaster 16 ( Smile ), you should check this out.


Northwood Action
VoidYourWarranty.net has some 1.6 GHz Northwood overclocking action. If you're not in the overclocking scheme of things, you could check out Intel Northwood 2.2GHz preview over at HardwareMania.com. If that's not enough for you, we have a link for you too


Dumbass #100
Well, the Dumbass Database has reached it's 100th post!
I am retail manager of a small computer store in Iowa, and just had a funny thing happen.

When computers are checked in for service work, everything is noted at checkin and printed on their order. If we find any items that weren't noted at checkin, we note them later on so they print out on the final receipt.
Anyway, I walked back a few minutes after a tech had opened a computer case up. He started noting stuff that had been crammed in the case somehow.
1 Old stale greasy french fry
1 wood screw
3 cds inserted into the 5.25 inch blanks.........
the funny thing about that is, we have to go through that list when the customer comes to pick it up and place check mark by everything on the pickup list while handing it to the customer.

- Stephen Rivera
If you just said, "100! Last time I looked it was 20ish" then you, my friend, have some reading to do in the Dumbass Database. Smile

GeForce4's Everywhere
Well, nVidia has lifted the hold on the GeForce 4 reviews so of course, they are all over the place now. Being that nVidia only likes sites that aren't called XtremeTek, I will probably never get one from nVidia to review. So, I've compiled a list of GeForce 4 reviews for you. So, here they are, roughly in the order I would/did read them.

Alrighty, that is about it (for now). If this doesn't quench your GeForce4 thirst, I'm afraid for you.


Gainward Ti-450
The Gainward Ti-450? Yeah, that's not a typo. This card is from Gainward, so we know what that means, right? Well, if you don't, it means it's been manufactured to be highly overclockable. Why they called a Ti-450, I dunno, you'll have to read the review at BurnoutPC to find out. Smile

Arctic Silver 3
Can't get enough of that Arctic Silver lovin'? If so, you should be checking out this review of the new-ish Arctic Silver 3. Previous reviews have showed the AS3 performs very well, but it's always worth checking out newer reviews for statistical consistency.


Speeze Coolers
GideonTech has a round up of 3 Speeze Coolers. One of them performs very well. This is important to note because these coolers are dirt cheap.

Gas Powered Irons
Every good hardware modder needs a soldering iron. The best hardware modders need the best gear. Dan's Data has a review of a soldering iron that might help you out with the gear part of being a modder. The takes a look at the Vulkan P100K and P200K gas powered soldering irons. He can't help you out with being the best hardware modder though, for that, you're on your own.

Case Badge Kit
A Multiplaycity EL Case Badge Kit has been reviewed over at VirtualHideout. This is for you guys who want to make your own custom case badges (duh). The guys at VH have made up a pretty pimping badge with the kit they have.

Premade Switch Mod
Are you too lazy to make your own fan switch mod? You could always just buy one. If that is sounding good, check out this review of the FrozenCpu Dual Switched Baybus at BurnoutPC.com.


Gadget Showcase
HWExtreme has a Gadget Showcase posted up on their site. Even though they don't have hands on experience with the devices, they still have good information and lots of pictures for you to drool over. There are a loot of cool gizmos in the showcase and I would highly recommend perusing the gallery.

New Case Gallery
Case Galleries aren't exactly a new concept. But, that hasn't stopped thinkcomputers.org to create their own gallery. There aren't any cases in there yet (as of now) so if you hurry you could be the first one in. Smile

BlagOC has taken a look at an IBM 120GXP. These are the newer and hopefully more reliable harddrives from the technology giant, IBM. Definitely worth a look.


Dumbass DB v1.1
I have released Dumbass Database v1.1 today. I added a post editing feature along with some minor bug fixes. Most importantly, I added some performance enhancments to the code. What are you waiting for? Check out v1.1!

Get Your DOS On
Do you use Windows ME? Do you want real DOS back? Then you need to get Dosfix from Overclockers.com.au. Dosfix adds real mode DOS support to
Windows ME. Stop waiting! Go get your DOS on. Smile


Spam Solution
All I have to say is finally! TRUSTe is having M$ and Doubleclick test out new software that will certify commercial spam. Which means, that you can opt out of it easier and complain about privacy issues much better. While this is a good step, I don't see how it's going to stop unsolicited spam. If you want a better description, check out this article at the Register.

Gigabyte GA-7VTXH
ViperLair.com has given the Gigabyte GA-7VTXH a good pecking over. If you're looking for a no-frills board for an Athlon (XP), check out this KT266A board as an option.

Sweet Case Giveaway
VoidYourWarranty.net has a giveaway posted up on their site. This isn't just any case, it's a Lian Li PC86 that looks friggin' bad ass! Lets just say you wouldn't kick it out bed. Smile

Techie Quiz
Tuplay.com has a quiz up that will test your techiness. You can find it here. Warning, if you read slow (like I do), you're screwed, they only allow you a certain amount of time per question. So, it's shitty in that regards. For instance, I missed two because I was doing something else while I was taking the quiz.

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