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March 2002

SyncMaster 181T
IAmNotAGeek.com has a review of the, oh-so-sweet Samsung SyncMaster 181T. Just so you know, if you read this review you're in for some sexy LCD lovin' (or something along those words).

Monkeyboy Says...
Steve Balmer, you might remember him from the monkeyboy video in which he gave a very "energetic" speech. This time he is pledging that Micro$oft will be trustworthy. Listen here you asses, you're nothing but shit until you get rid of that god damn product activation BULL SHIT. gg.


Possible Downtime
Just so our loyal readers know, we're switching hosts. This will mean that we might be experiencing some down time, probably not much though. Our new host, Red Pulse should offer greater speed so it will be worth any downtime. It might take me a day or two to switch all the server specific variables over and setup the MySQL databases, but it should be all good after that.

SOYO P4S Dragon Ultra
I know a lot of you wander around aimlessly wondering, "Why don't I have an 'ultra' motherboard? What is wrong with me?" Well, my worrysome friend, some tweakers in Australia have taken a look at the SOYO P4S Dragon Ultra Motherboard to help satisfy your pondering.

Blagged-Hardware has a review of a butane powered soldering iron, the Solderpro50. These are great for soldering in difficult to reach places and soldering on the go. Besides, if you don't have one, what kind of hardware junky are you anyway?


Today's News...
Today's news was brought to you by the word "meh", the acronym WTF, and the number 20,020,313.

Thermalright SK-6
If you woke this morning and your first thought was, "Man, I really need to read a new review of a Thermalright heatsink," you are in luck! Tweakers.com.au has a review of the Thermalright SK-6 Copper. You didn't wake up thinking that, it's still a heatsink worth checking out.

ECS K7VTA3 v2.0
Are you unimpressed with the KT333 and yearn for some KT266A loving? Well, Hardware Extreme has a review of the ECS K7VTA3 Ver2.0 to fulfill your desires... or something.

Athlon XP 2100+
3DVelocity has a review of the AMD Athlon XP 2100+. If you're not one who cares for the performance rating (like myself) then this review is of an Athlon XP 1.73GHz chip. There isn't anything dramatically different about this CPU when compared to the XP series except this has a higher clock speed.


New Fan Technology
I have some very cool news for you today. Not just your normal review or write up, but this time it's about a new technology we can all wait for. It's from Y.S. Tech and it's a Tip-Magnetic Driven Fan. It's really freaking cool. This is a definite must see for you people who want great cooling with minimal noise.

Computer Dynamat
Most of you know what Dynamat is and if you don't you're probably familiar with a similar sound dampening product. Well, OCTools has posted their Dynamat Xtreme Computer Kit Review. According to his decible readings, it worked pretty good too.


ASUS A7V333 KT333
Some Tweakers in Australia have a review of the much anticipated ASUS A7V333 KT333. This, of course, incorperates DDR333. I'm still waiting for the KT333A to come out as VIA has a history of making second release chipsets that suck less than the first ones.

LAN PC Carrier
Do you do the LAN Party thing? If you do and you'd like an easier way to carry your PC and monitor, you should check Legion Hardware's review of the Xbags LAN PC Carrier CTSS & MTSS. I know if I had the PC bag I probably would still have decent looking paint job on case but I have a lot of chips now.


DIY Temp Control
IceHardware has posted an article called "Intelligent LCD temperature control fan mod." The guide will show you how to make your own on/off switch for your fans that is controlled by temperature. This will turn your fans between 12v, 5v, and 0v. This might be a con or a pro, it's up to you but the article is still very cool.


More Dumbasses
If you haven't looked in the Dumbass Database in a while, you need to do so. There are some hilarious entries in the DB right now. Check out this one that goes to show that having a PhD doesn't prove you're smart. Smile

Intel Northwood 2.4GHz
The Intel Northwood 2.4GHz has been reviewed over at HardwareMania. For the record, if you think this is the fastest chip in the world because of its high clock speed, I regard you as "Intel's Marketing Pawn". No, I won't retract that statement. None the less, check out the review. Smile

Lighstrips Rev.2
ExtremeOverclocking has a review of a Tweakmonster Lightstrips (Rev. 2). Just so you know, I have screened this review for you and I can assure there are no gratuitous naked male pictures (sorry ladies).


GeForce4 MX440
A MSI GeForce4 MX440 has been given the once over at Hardwaremania. I know you're bursting with glee after reading this, so go check it out. Smile


How it Works: Vcore
In a more recent article, Hardware Analysis tells you how increasing your core voltage actually helps when oveclocking. I know a lot of you (including me) have increased your voltage when overclocking. You don't know how it helps but it does. This article will tell you exactly how it works. Its very easy to understand and might help you when deciding how much to increase your Vcore next time you overclock.

Megahertz Myth
Hardware Analysis has a great article up about the MHz Myth, The Megahertz Myth, Apple, AMD and Intel. It covers all 3 major chip makers and goes as far as discussing the fact that Intel manufactured the P4 to sell, not necessarily perform.

Tweakers.com.au has some nForce loving for you guys today. They have reviewed the ASUS A7N266-E nFORCE 420-D. Don't know what nForce it? Read the review, you should be able to figure it out.


Cold Cathode Shootout
I'm sure you're all tired of reading Cold Cathode light reviews. However, this one at Virtual-Hideout is a Cold Cathode Shootout! This is the best way to shop in my opinion. While Diceman's writing style is a bit odd Smile , he's an interesting guy and the information is very valid.


Big Brother is Back
Well, they are at it again. Companies and the government are trying to oppress our rights again. This time they want to keep you from building your own computer, using open source software (linux, etc.), and more. So, if you don't want big brother on your back anymore than he has to be, please, for the love of god, sign this petition!

C# Virus
The Register has an article about a new virus for .NET users. It's called "C# virus pitched against .NET." I know a lot of you are thinking, "Big Deal..." However, you have to realize that C# is close to being in the same realm as Java in terms of cross platform compatibility. Ok, if you don't get what I'm saying up this point, let me spell it out: cross platform virii are bad because they can kill lots of different kinds of computers and therefore spread faster as well. While this virus is reported as being relatively harmless, it is worth a look at the article to get the details.

LightStrip Kit v2
A TweakMonster Rev. 2.0 LightStrip Kit has been reviewed over at OCIA. The product looks pretty cool, but due to the fact that review didn't take any pictures of it in a case with a window in it, you can't really tell what it would like if you did. It still looks like a pretty simple little modification.


Britany Spears Virus
I guess people aren't as into Britany Spears as some thought... The new Britany Spears Virus failed to spread. Either people are wiser to viruses or they just don't like Britany... I'm leaning more toward them not likeing Britany. Smile Head on over to the Register to read more about it.


Free Label Software
I ran into this problem the other day and I just found this so I figured I dish this solution out to everyone else in case they had this dillema. Well, I needed to print some labels for a company and their computer didn't have a word processing program on it other than notepad and wordpad. For the time I just downloaded Avery's demo label printing software and left it at that. But, for a more permanent solution, you can dowload this free label printing software. Free is always good. Smile

Pre-Modded Cases
Now, I've never quite seen the point of buying a pre-modded case because that takes all the fun out of doing it yourself. But, I guess I can see that some of you are extremely lazy and want to show off your case anyway. Smile So, for you people out there, GideonTech has reviewed the Xoxide Mod's Polaris Iceforge Case.

Dual Temp Rack
OCIA has a review of a dual temperature monitoring LCD device made for Lian Li cases by Lian Li. I imagine this could be used for other aluminum cases as well (it aluminum to match their cases).

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